Dale and Evelyn J. Quillet, trustee, to William Jr. and Jolene Gearig, 9580 County Road 25, Fayette, $70,000.

Annette M. Makula, etal, to Brian J. and Megan L. Lewallen, 5628 County Road C, Delta, $121,175.

Brian J. and Megan L. Lewallen to same, 5628 County Road C, Delta, $31,913.

Brian J. and Megan L. Lewallen to same, 5628 County Road C, Delta, $31,913.

Andrew S. Lauber to Tank Services of Ohio LLC, 25491 US20A, Archbold, $125,000.

Mark E. Patterson to George W. Strayer, trustee, County Road E, Delta, $540,000.

Kathy M. Koppenhofer to Dean Reinking, County Road 18-1, $36,000.

Lori C. Stuckey, trustee, to Thomas J. and Heather A. Trowbridge, 25750 County Road J, Archbold, $290,000.

Mark Miller, trustee, to Donald C. and Donna M. Dettling, 113 Charles St., Archbold $112,000.

Jeffrey M. Reiner to Jason Lemaire and Brandee Mendoza, 523 Mettabrook Drive, Swanton, $130,000.

Mary E. Hite to Jerry L. Echelbarger and Patricia Dickerson, 217 W. Willow St., Wauseon, $72,000.

Michael J. Rominski to James D. and Kathleen C. Rominski, 115 Promenade Drive, Swanton, $50,000.

Lanc Properties LLC to Michael G. and Susan G. Dunphy, 7080 County Road 1-1, Swanton, $107,500.

Josephine A. Brown to Gilbert M. and Beverly L. Kirsch, trustees, 1023 Cherokee Drive, Wauseon, $115,500.

Constance S. Torbet to Gary and Dawn Czerniejewski, 114 S. Barden St., Lyons, $82,000.

David W. Hansbarger to Twelve Point Properties LLC, 518 Mettabrook Drive, Swanton, $65,000.

Robert C. and Michael J. Leitner, trustees, to Christopher and Christie Leffler, 8161 County Road 10, Delta, $189,500.

Jody Ann Zuelzke to Evan B. Tiplady, 411 Edgewood Drive, Wauseon, $100,000.

Linda S. Magnan to Warren and Lynette Gibson, 600 Northwood Drive, Delta, $85,000.

Beth M. Edwards to Nicholas E. and Amanda K. Siewertsen, 207 Monroe St., Delta, $89,000.

Michael S. Alpaugh to Duane O. Dunlap, 516 Adrian St., Delta, $120,000.

Billy E. Galvin to Kevin D. and Dana K. Krieger, 1168 Apache Drive, Wauseon, $38,000.

Bonnie Badenhop and Jerry King to Jacob W. Nafziger, 19620 US 20 A, Archbold, $861,350.

Kathy M. Koppenhofer, trustee, to William L. and Brenda S. Holdsworth, 18275 County Road L, Wauseon, $168,000.

Steven R. Schmidlin to Tamara E. Vaughn, 308 N. Woodland Ave., Swanton, $123,900.

Philip J. Schumm to Ramiro Mireles, 700 N. Defiance St., Archbold, $56,000.

Benson E. Peart to Fifth Third Bank and Ohio Banking Corp., 3170 Woodside Drive, Swanton, $50,000.

Leo C. Gustwiller, trustee, to Linda S. Magnan, 219 Hickory St., Wauseon, $64,000.

William E. and Diana L. Mundhenk to Paul D. Bongiorno Jr., 111 Hill Ave., Wauseon, $89,000.

Peggy D. Ezell and Mary Ann Lancaster to Thomas and Peggy Parker, 3421 Circle Drive, Delta, $60,000.

Walter W. and Jeanne M. Lebarr to Richard J. Greene, 2124 Pear Tree Lane, Delta, $63,725.


Richard B. Bayless, Jr., 51, Swanton, service technician, and Tanya M. Cain, 45, Swanton, STNA.

Bradley A. Duden, 41, Wauseon, steel worker, and Wendy R. Keeton, 45, Wauseon, vet technician.

Cody D. Schelling, 23, Fayette, laborer, and Janie Lyn Reatherford, 29, Fayette, customer service representative.

Mark S. Peterson, 61, Archbold, retired, and Carole Sue Gill, 57, Archbold, registered nurse.

Elliott E. Aldrich, 26, Archbold, project manager, and Nicole R. Wyse, 32, Archbold, medical office clerk.

Charles Patrick Magiera, 40, Ypsilanti, Mich., retail management, and Tina Marie Wilke, 40, Ypsilanti, Mich., housekeeper.

Jordan Jay Lemley, 24, Archbold, marketing, and Catherine A. Savage, 23, Wauseon, teacher.

Aaron C. Burkhardt, 33, Toledo, mechanic, and Natalie J. Griesier, 30, Archbold, insurance agent.

Gregory M. Vincent, 25, Delta, city laborer, and Kelsey Marie Hatfield, 25, Delta, administrative assistant.

Michael Samson Holbrook, 38, Swanton, nurse, and Stephanie Leah Cline, 35, Swanton, physical therapist assistant.

Keith J. Galbraith, 57, Delta, millwright ,and Tonya L. Galbraith, 52, Delta, merchandising.

William Richard Curry, 39, Fort Wayne, Ind., hydraulic engineer, and Andrea Lynette Cheeseman, 33, Fayette, pastor.


Chancey G. Curry, plaintiff vs. Jonathan M. Laura, defendant, child support enforcement U.R.E.S. A.

Regina Marie Garza-Rosas, plaintiff vs. Luis Ruiz, defendant, child support enforcement, U.R.E.S.A.

Kristen Short, plaintiff vs. Brandon Short, defendant, dissolution of marriage with children.

Midfirst Bank, plaintiff vs. Tyson B. Bowerman, defendant, foreclosures.

Morgan R. Mosgrove, plaintiff vs. Scott A. Mosgrove, termination of marriage with children.

Bank of America, plaintiff vs. Todd M. Niles, defendant, foreclosures.

Carrington Mortgage Services, plaintiff vs. Kevin Konwinski, defendant, foreclosures.

Amerifirst Financial, plaintiff vs. Vincente D. Cervantes, Jr., defendant, foreclosures.

Live Well Financial, plaintiff vs. Janelle Donato, defendant, foreclosures.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC, plaintiff vs. Loretta Trevino, defendant, foreclosures.

John Niedziewcki, plaintiff vs. Swancreek Water District, % Walt Lange, Secretary, defendants, other civil.

Ditech Financial LLC, plaintiff vs. Danielle L. Ringler, defendant, foreclosures.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC, plaintiff vs. Rhonda Waidelich, defendant, foreclosures.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA, plaintiff vs. Ammon R. Gage, defendant, foreclosures.

Christina T. Wallick, plaintiff vs. International Automotive, defendant, workers compensation.

Wells Fargo Bank, NA, plaintiff vs. Mattew S. Perlewitz, defendant, foreclosures.


Grace Kelly Fellows, Napoleon, speeding.

Laurie Brehm, Pioneer, safety belt.

Joshua Keezer, Wauseon, speeding.

Mark Mathew Maginn, Fayette, speeding.

Justin James Whitehead, Delta, speeding.

Alan Hines, Fayette, drove through active crossing gates, $88.

Cheyenne Kruse, Wauseon, speeding, $88 plus costs.

Balynn M. Ponce, Ridgeville Corners, speeding, $100 plus costs.

Michael A. Mabus, Wauseon, license forfeiture, $250 plus costs; one day in jail with credit for time served; 30 hours community service; clear license in 90 days.

Shannon N. Storrer, Archbold, school bus violation, $100 plus costs.

Trisha L. Hernandez, Napoleon, disorderly conduct, $100 plus costs.

Logan D. Burdue, Delta, driver’s license non-compliance, 30 hours community service.

William D. Dennis, Wauseon, improper backing, $102 plus costs.

Jenna R. Wilson, Delta, right-of-way, $102 plus costs.

Jaycob Bailey, Wauseon, speeding, $37.47, reckless operation, $88.64.

Allyssia N. Benien, Wauseon, driver’s license non-compliance, $200 plus costs; 30 hours community service.

Robert T. Mattin Jr., Defiance, attempted assault, $374 plus court costs; seven days in jail with credit for seven days; perform 30 hours community service; recommended aftercare.

Joshua Gottschalk, Delta, theft, $50 plus court costs; perform 45 hours of community service; restitution of $34.98.

Patrice L. Smith, Pettisville, failure to stop at stop sign, $37 plus costs.

Teresa M. Roehrig, Sylvania, speeding, $47 plus costs.

Randy A. Solly Jr., Delta, misuse of credit cards, $250 fine plus costs; five days in jail, with credit for five days; defendant not to consume or possess alcohol or illegal drugs for 365 days; perform 30 hours community service; and one year probation.

Vashti M. Bowers, Fayette, driver license suspension, amended, $275 plus costs; 30 hours community service.

State of Ohio, City of Wauseon vs. Ryan Gomez, Defiance, disorderly conduct, $75 fine plus costs.

Amber Lange, Wauseon, disorderly conduct, $258 fine, perform 30 hours community service; drug/alcohol assessment and recommended aftercare; three days in jail, with credit for three days.

Shem S. Neuenschwander, Napoleon, expired registration.

Ed Hart, plaintiff vs. Kayla Sly, defendant.

Wauseon ll, LLC, plaintiff vs. Joseph Garcia, Ann Garcia, defendants.

Wauseon ll, LLC, plaintiff vs. Jade Pontious defendant.

State of Ohio, City of Wauseon, plaintiff vs. Robert T. Mattin Jr., defendant, assault, attempted assault.

Merchants Finance Co. vs Nora Rivera, Wauseon. Judgement for the Plaintiff in the amount of $767.80 plus costs.

P N C Bank, N A vs Alana J. Venia, Wauseon. Judgement for the Plaintiff in the amount of $6,820.55 plus costs.

Credit Adjustments Inc. vs Caroline L. Krasula, Wauseon. Judgement for the Plaintiff in the amount of $469.47 plus costs.

Credit Adjustments, Inc. vs Carla S. Aker, Wauseon. Judgement for the Plaintiff in the amount of $563.58 plus costs.