Extension slates food safety training

The Ohio Department of Health is offering a four-hour training course on Level 1-required basic food safety April 24, 12:30-4:30 p.m., at the Fulton County office of the OSU Extension, 8770 State Highway 108, Wauseon.

The course meets requirements necessary for a Level 1 person-in-charge for food service employees. Topics will include time and temperature abuse, cross-contamination, and personal hygiene. Trainees are provided with a National Restaurant Association Education Foundation handbook, several hands-on activities, and a certificate of completion.

The cost is $35. County Extension Educator Melissa Rupp will act as the ODH certified instructor/exam proctor. For questions or to register, call 419-337-9210 or visit www.go.osu.edu/fultonservsafe.

The class will also be offered Aug. 8 and Oct. 17 at the same times.