Delta Council meeting includes new officer

By Quintin Gigax - For the Expositor

The Delta Police Department’s newest officer, Kelly Kunesh, was sworn in during the Delta Village Council meeting on Monday.

Also, a request was made that all of the full ordinances be given out at meetings along with the agenda so viewers understand what is being voted on. In response to this, Council chose to begin posting the ordinances on their Facebook page as well as on the new Village of Delta website, which will be up and running sometime this week.

As well, the Council would like to draw attention to the fact that all ordinances that are to be voted on are up on the board just inside the front entrance of the Memorial Hall.

Finance and Village administration were the only two departments with reports. Finance Director Stephanie Mossing presented Council with a letter of recognition allowing the Holland, Ohio Girl Scout troop to hold a Mom and Me tea party in Memorial Hall, which after a short discussion, the Council voted in favor of allowing the girls to have their party.

Village Administrator Brad Peebles reported that a six-year worker in the Delta wastewater plant has resigned to transfer to a new job elsewhere, which means here in the future the city will be opening up applications to fill the roll of certified wastewater operator. As well the half acre of land next to the stormwater retention basin that had been previously split off and put up for sale by Council has officially had bids close and has been sold.

After that the Council voted on the third readings of both pieces of old business. Ordinance 19-02 was approved and will allow the Village Administrator to dispose of real estate that had previously been sold to the Village of Delta. The property has not received any meaningful developmental interest, therefore the village will be putting the land back up for auction.

Ordinance 19-03 approves a land swap between the Village of Delta and the restaurant of Pueblo Lindo which would allow them to expand and build a new back parking lot. It was unanimously approved.

There was only one new piece of business brought before the council which was ordinance 18-26 which would allow the council to amend the appropriations and expenses for the Village of Delta for the fiscal year, and to declare it an emergency. This was voted on in light of the electrical municipality legislation being voted down. Over $4 million had been appropriated for the funding of the project, so the village had to swiftly amend the appropriations report so that it could complete its audit.

This is why an emergency was declared so that Council could deal with the issue immediately instead of requiring all three readings and subsequent votes on the bill.

By Quintin Gigax

For the Expositor

Reach Quintin Gigax at [email protected]

Reach Quintin Gigax at [email protected]