Life’s Lessons

Diverse occupations but united in the cause

Recently, while working with a group of people (mostly men) doing some remodeling, during our lunch break they thanked me for the lunch. I informed them I had done nothing but set up the serving area and warm up what had been prepared by someone else. Then, of course, I had to let them know I really can cook when it is needed.

I shared my young years of living and working in the county home for the elderly and that was where I learned to cook. I then honed those skills while I was teaching in a one-room, eight-grade school in the Kentucky mountains. Since kids with full bellies learn easier than those with empty bellies I added a kitchen to the building and initiated a hot lunch program.

One comment led to another, and I also shared I had been an underground coal miner. To this, the leader of the team that day added, “Yes, she really was a coal miner.” I found the responses interesting.

I might have expected to be asked about what my job actually was, what did the mine look like inside, was it terribly hard – that sort of thing. But they asked where this was in Kentucky and did I know where such and such a place was.

Though our interest in the work we are doing now is held in common among us, we come from extremely varied backgrounds. One man who is doing a lot of painting in the building told us he had taught high school math and related responses he got from various students.

The comments he got from this varied group were also interesting. I didn’t hear any actual groans but several remarked about the actual use (or lack thereof) of algebra and geometry.

All in all, it was a very interesting lunchtime conversation.

So, what draws this diverse group together? It all comes down to our mutual interest in furthering awareness of Jesus Christ. We are converting a church building into a structure which may be more appealing to today’s population who, for the most part, is not interested in a conventional church.

If people in the community are attracted to a facility offering things that interest them, then they may actually get interested in getting to know Jesus. I would call it a community center approach to sharing the Gospel.

Whether in a traditional church setting, summer camps, community centers or wherever the location, it is vital to share Jesus’ love for mankind.

Those needing to hear may be our very own families, friends or neighbors. Just as surely, they may be those suffering the hard times of life, those who have fallen into health or financial difficulties, or perhaps have been lured into addiction – not just drugs, but addiction to any number of practices. Perhaps this is a way to reach them

We’re united in looking for more ways to share the Good News of Jesus’ love.

Diverse occupations but united in the cause