Ohio voters turn down marijuana

Staff Report

Ohio voters Tuesday approved a new redistricting process for the state house, and handily turned down a marijuana legalization.

Issue 1, which creates a bipartisan, public process for drawing legislative districts, was approved by a wide margin. 71.49 percent voted yes on the issue while 28.51 percent voted no with 98.54 percent of the precincts reporting Wednesday morning.

It calls for redistricting to be handled by a a seven-member board that would include the governor, secretary of state, state auditor, two Republicans and two Democrats. For a redistricting map to last 10 years, the two board members from the minority party must vote for it. If not, the map is good for four years.

Issue 3, which would have legalized both medicinal and recreational marijuana was turned down by a margin of 64.14 percent to 35.86 percent, according to the latest unofficial results.

Issue 2, the anti-monopoly amendment had the closest vote, with 51.69 percent voting yes and 48.31 percent voting no.


Staff Report