HC3 presents Fulton County Rising campaign

Staff report

Healthy Choices, Caring Communities (HC3) of Fulton County knows that kids whose parents talk with them regularly about the dangers of substance use are 50 percent less likely to use.

HC3 also knows that Fulton County youth list parents, law enforcement, coaches, religious leaders, teachers, and other adults as leading influences in decisions on substance use.

The influential organization wants to encourage parents and community adults to use that impact and to take the next step to reach beyond their immediate families into the community.

The Fulton County Rising campaign encourages the entire community to work together to raise healthy and happy young people through local neighborhoods, churches, community groups, schools, and employers.

Fulton County Rising kicked off with billboards, ongoing social media posts, and a short video at www.FultonCountyRising.org featuring local community members modeling all the positive interactions with youth that parents and adults have every day.

HC3 wants to shine a spotlight on all these interactions that members of the local community have every day, and encourage even more positive and intentional interaction between adults and youth in the community.

The caring parents and community adults who invest in young people make a difference. Working together over the past two years with the Talk2Me awareness campaign from HC3, the Fulton County community was able to increase the number of parents who had these essential conversations about the dangers of underage substance use with their kids by nine percent over the last two years.

Thirty-seven percent of county youth reported their parents had talked to them about the dangers of underage drinking and drug use within the past month, according to the 2018 Fulton County Health Status Report. Twenty-eight percent of county youth reported their parents had talked to them about the dangers of underage drinking and drug use within the past month, according to the 2016 Fulton County Health Status Report.

HC3 encourages adults to intentionally be a positive role model and have fun with with their children, nieces, and nephews, grandchildren, neighborhood youth, students, church youth group kids, and any young people they interact with regularly.

To get started, visit www.HC3Partnership.org/get-help to get educated on youth substance use. Then talk with young people on a regular basis about the dangers associated with substance use.

To start this conversation, click the Talk2Me tab on the website to find a list of resources to help start and continue these conversations.

Support prevention programs such as HC3 and the Youth Advisory Council (YAC) so the programs can continue to empower young people. Visit www.FultonCountyRising.org to learn more about the campaign, how to get involved, and to connect to additional information related to underage substance use.

HC3 is a community coalition comprised of caring adults – law enforcement, faith- based community, schools, government officials, professionals, civic organizations, media, health care professionals, businesses, treatment professionals, youth, and parents.

YAC consists of student representatives from Fulton County high schools whose focus is the prevention and reduction of underage substance use.

To learn more, visit HC3Partnership@gmail.com, follow on social media or contact Beth Thomas at 419-337-0915

HC3 meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at noon at the Museum and Welcome Center of Fulton County.

Staff report