Courthouse News


Michael D. Potter, Wauseon, failure to stop / yield for stop sign, $190 fine.

Jordan L. Zuidema, Wauseon, failure to yield from private drive, $190 fine.

Courtney J. Sommers, Fayette, speeding, $135 fine.

Rebecca L. Durbin, Wauseon, speeding, $125 fine.

Anthony L. Hand, Fayette, speeding, $135 fine.

Mario L. Moreno, Wauseon, speeding, $238 fine.

Hunter M. VanDerveer, Wauseon, charges dismissed, $0 fine plus court costs; aggravated menacing, $0 fine plus court costs; improper handling of fire arms, $250 fine plus court costs, four days in jail with credit for four days served concurrently with another case, under community control until Oct. 23, 2020, defendant must complete a mental health assessment and recommended aftercare, must complete Changing Offender Behavior Program and Recommended Aftercare, obtain a G. E. D. within one year, must not own or possess a fire arm for five years, the weapon confiscated to be returned to grandmother and perform 30 hours community service.

Robin J. Hayes, Wauseon, physical control of vehicle, $300 fine plus court costs, under community control until Nov. 1, 2017, defendant must complete Driver Intervention Program and Recommended Aftercare, driver’s license suspended 120 days with work and medical exemptions and perform 30 hours community service.

Diane E. Landolt, Wauseon, charges dismissed, $0 fine plus court costs; assured clear distance ahead, $37 fine plus court costs.

J. Jesus Martinez-Mandujano, Wauseon, charges dismissed, $0 fine plus court costs.

Dwayne Chatman, Wauseon, suspended operator’s license, $250 fine plus court costs, under community control until Nov. 1, 2018, must obtain clear operator’s license, with proof to Western District Court, in 365 days and perform 30 hours community service.

Rebecca G. Ward, Wauseon, improper storage of garbage, $0 fine plus court costs and under community control until Nov. 1, 2016.


Maurice J. and Constance Barden to Adam L. and Ellie M. Gleckler, 15353 County Road 12, Lyons, $165,000.

Richard M. Scherer to Gary A and Sarah Schwert, joint survivors, 502 Oakwood Lane, Delta, $110,000.

Bonnie Ochs to Scott P. and Melissa S. Zaciewski, 14130 County Road 5-1, Metamora, $268,000.

James E. and Pamela A. Fahrer to Michael F. Johnson, 1088 County Road C, Swanton, $148,000.

Judy A. Helminiak to Nolan Miller, 6957 County Road B, Delta, $117,000.

James M. and Jessica L. Double to Melissa A. and Kenneth D. Macbeth, joint survivors, 105 Lincoln St., Lyons, $106,900.

Jerry L. and Nancy McDonnall, trustees, to Bridget A. Raab, 8988 Brookside Lane, Delta, $180,000.

Marie M. Nehls to Brooks A. Brown, 660 E. Linfoot St., Wauseon, $115,000.

Dean J. Lybarger to Ross E. and Marilyn V. Johnson, County Road 5, Delta, $224,000.

Sue Double to Kyle L. Nofziger, 409 E. Main St., Delta, $71,945.

Sarah L. Smith-Jennewine and Gary A. Schwert to Paul D. Sparks, 1814 County Road 4-1, Swanton, $169,000.

Glassmen to James and Krystal Thorton Jr., 15961 US 20, Wauseon, $28,600.

Clarence Stark, trustee to Margaret M. and Shane L. Stark, joint survivors, 4635 County Road C, Delta, $93,000.

Dean A. Druschel Jr. to Kara L. Elling, 225 S. Adrian St., Lyons, $115,000.

Robert L. and Sonia J. C. Green to Amy L. Maxwell and Todd F. Kolhagen, joint survivors, 518 S. Main St., Swanton, $120,000.

David C. and Connie M. Schultz to Ann M. Berry, 441 Marshall St., Wauseon, $63,000.

James R. Baker to Katey and Wes Schaffner, 21841 County Road T. Fayette, $50,000.

Allyn D. Schmitz, trustee to Schmitz Construction, LLC, 123 Redbud Drive, Swanton, $20,000.

Robert E. and Bonnie J. Bittinger to John W. and Julie M. Wyse, 129 W. Morenci St., Lyons, $20,000.

Alicia Benner to Dale Mattin, 131 N. Maplewood St., Wauseon, $32,500.

Roger Marks, trustee to State Line Farms, 13982 State Highway 120, Lyons, $700,000.


Gerald E. Edwards, 79, Delta, retired and Barbara A. Edwards, 76, Mechanicsburg, Ohio, retired.

Joseph L. Blood III, 23, Archbold, railroad conductor and Hailey M. Galvan, 23, Archbold, youth facilitator.

Mario G. Perez, 30, Wauseon, factory worker and Chelsea M. Gunther, 24, Wauseon, student.

Larry M. Yarberry, 45, Delta, tire technician and Tammy S. Davis, 32, Delta, factory worker.


Credit Adjustments, Incorporated, plaintiff vs. Ami Fox, defendant, other civil.

Midland Funding, LLC, plaintiff vs. Cindy Schmaus, defendant, other civil.

Brianne Boyer, plaintiff vs. David Boyer, defendant, termination of marriage with children.