Former Pettisville BOE member eulogized

Staff report

Monday’s session of the Pettisville Board of Education paid tribute to a 20-year member who died Dec. 7.

The meeting opened with recognition of 84-year-old Curt Spengler, who served on the school board from 1972-91. In a written statement, school superintendent Steve Switzer called Spengler “an outstanding board member whose quiet leadership, keen understanding of the issues of the day, and solid, steady approach to problems served the district well during those 20 years.”

Switzer then offered board members a tribute Spengler wrote in the 1990s for fellow board member Rodney Nofziger. Switzer slightly modified the words so the tribute would fit Spengler himself.

“I feel these words also aptly and succinctly describe the life and service of Curtis G. Spengler. Thank you, and we will miss you,” Switzer wrote.

In other business, the superintendent reported that, upon request, the Department of Homeland Security will visit the Pettisville school complex Dec. 17 to review security. Switzer said the results will aid in revising the school district’s emergency operation plan in 2019.

He said the district has purchased a nine-passenger MicroBird van with $49,084 from the Permanent Improvements Fund. The van includes a child seat and security cameras, and will transport small groups.

Clinton Township Trustees will transfer ownership of township land currently holding a student soccer field to the school district. The district had partnered with the township for the land use after it failed to receive grant funding to build a soccer facility.

Board appointments included Brent King, a PSF Board of Trustees member, to a 2019-21 term; and Jen Bergstedt to the substitute teachers list.

The board approved participation in the Ohio School Boards Association for 2019 and the State of Ohio cooperative purchasing program.

And board members were told that a review of the Turbine Repayment Fund revealed that maximizing the interest yield on inactive funds will significantly modify the school district’s pay-off plan for the $625,000 bond due on June 1, 2026.

The board was told that moving to The State Treasury Asset Reserve of Ohio would allow for larger yields on investments.

Staff report