EHS celebrated student awards program

Evergreen High School recently hosted its annual Student Awards program. The graduates of the Class of 2015, outfitted in their caps and gowns, were honored for the various awards, honors and scholarships they earned throughout their high school career. Students in grades nine through eleven also received various awards and distinctions.

Carissa Call was named valedictorian while Chelsey Miller was named salutatorian of the Class of 2015. Bailey Double was also recognized as the top-ranked senior Four County Career student.

The Honor Graduate Medallions were awarded to seniors who maintained at least a 3.25 cumulative grade point average over the last four years. The following students were recipients of the medallions: Alexis Anteau, Hannah Beroske, Courtney Boger, Shawna Boger, Kyle Brighton, Erin Brandt, Carissa Call, Kylie Cutcher, Bailey Double, Karly Fandrey, Hannah Fritsch, Taylor Fuller, Jessica Goins, Elizabeth Heilman, Bailey Kern, Alysa Langenderfer, Tessa Lee, Nicole Mabus, Alexandrea Mayhugh, Olivia Metzger, Chelsey Miller, Danielle Miller, Cassandra Oberneder, Bevanne Pember, Samantha Pennington, Shawna Siefker, Hanna Sill, Amy Silvestri, Courtney Smith, Hannah Smith, Taylor Valerio, Erica VanLoocke, Alec Ankoviak, Jacob Betz, Kyle Brighton, Jacob Clay, Johnathan Curtis, Nicholas Hendricks, Jamie Hicks, Lukas Homan, Darin Kurland, Brandon Krempec, Garrett Ludeman, Landon Lumbrezer, Andrew Markley, Chad Maseman, Payton Miller, Marty Nichols, Brett Smallman, Alex Sullivan, Peyton Willelman, Tristin Wilson and Dalton York.

The President’s Award for Educational Excellence was awarded to students who maintained a 3.50 cumulative grade point average and received a score of 26 or higher on the ACT test. Award recipients were Alec Ankoviak, Alexis Anteau, Jacob Betz, Carissa Call, Hannah Fritsch, Nicholas Hendricks, Darin Kurland, Brandon Krempec, Andrew Markley, Chelsey Miller, Danielle Miller, Marty Nichols, Samantha Pennington and Alex Sullivan.

The following students met the criteria to receive a diploma with honors: Alec Ankoviak, Erin Brandt, Nicholas Hendricks, Brandon Krempec, Darin Kurland, Alysa Langenderfer,, Chelsey Miller, Payton Miller, Marty Nichols, Bevanne Pember, Samantha Pennington and Alex Sullivan.

Carissa Call was awarded the Fulton County $200 Franklin B. Walters Scholarship, $1,000 South Fairfield Arbor Scholarship, $10,000 Just for Scholars Life Insurance Certificate and the $2,500 Pat Hogan Scholarship.

Chelsey Miller was awarded the $1,500 Tripp Family Memorial Scholarship, $100 American Red Cross Award, $1,000 Open Door of Delta Scholarship and the $1,000 Anderson’s Principal’s Choice Scholarship.

The $500 Evergreen Educational Association Scholarship was awarded to Alec Anchoviak.

Erin Brandt and Amy Silvestri were each awarded a $500 EHS Dress Down Day Grant.

Bailey Kern was awarded the $600 Catholic War Vets Auxiliary Scholarship for her essay entitled, “What Memorial Day Means to Me.”

Andrew Markley received the $1,000 Engineering Scholarship provided by MCS Manufacturing, owned by EHS graduate Aaron Call.

Danielle Miller and Hannah Beroske were each awarded a $300 Michael Holland Memorial Scholarship.

Danielle Miller and Landon Lumbrezer were each awarded a $500 scholarship from the Metamora State Bank.

Hannah Fritsch was the recipient of the $500 Evergreen FFA Alumni Scholarship.

Amy Silvestri was the winner of the $1,000 Jennifer Ford Babcock Memorial Scholarship, $200 Sharon K. Bruce Memorial Scholarship, $150 American Red Cross Award and a $350 YIPEE Scholarship.

Erica VanLoocke and Hannah Beroske each received a $500 Zientek Family Scholarships.

Alysa Langenderfer was awarded a $100 District 7 Volleyball Officials Award.

Brandon Krempec was named a ‘Chick’ Evans Caddie Scholarship winner. This prestigious award includes full tuition and housing to Miami University.

Courtney Boger was recognized for winning the $1,000 Fulton County Processing Award and a $750 Maumee Valley Vending Scholarship.

Erin Brandt was awarded a $400 District 7 Volleyball Scholarship, $25 Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship, and a $250 YIPEE Scholarship.

Seniors Danielle Miller and Lucy Mohr were each recognized with a Perfect Attendance Award.

Justin Gleckler was named an “Outstanding Senior” in his landscape and greenhouse technology program at Four County Career Center.

The following National Honor Society Members were recognized with Honor Chords: Alec Ankoviak, Andrew Markley, Chelsey Miller, Hannah Sill, Danielle Miller, Marty Nichols, Erica VanLoocke, Jacob Betz, Bevanne Pember, Shawna Siefker, Erin Brandt, Hannah Smith, Alex Sullivan, Alexis Anteau, Payton Miller, Taylor Fuller, Hannah Beroske, Carissa Call, Alysa Langenderfer, Amy Silvestri, Peyton Willeman and Tessa Lee.

Bailey Double was recognized for her selection into Four County Career Center’s National Technical Honor Society along with juniors Mandie Atwater and Allison Mildenstein.

The following students received a Citizenship Award.

Seniors: Alec Ankoviak, Alexis Anteau, Morgan Berkowitz, Hannah Beroske, Shawna Boger, Erin Brandt, Carissa Call, Jessi Ducat, Kendra Earl, Karly Fandrey, Hannah Fritsch, Jacob Hassen, Brandon Krempec, Alysa Langenderfer, Andrew Markley, Danielle Miller, Lucy Mohr, Marty Nichols, Hanna Sill, Brett Smallman, Hannah Smith, Alex Sullivan, Payton Willeman and Dalton York.

Juniors: Seth Bettinger, Bethany Bowser, Eden Eisel, Noah Eisel, Dominick Etue, Keralynne Frederick, Erica Harmon, Rebekah Jankowiak, Dylan Komisarek, Megan Loeffler, Brendan Miller, Cody Mitchey, Haili Mossing, Rachael Noe, Sydney Northrup, Peyton Pawlacyk, Lauren Shaffer, Ross Shaffer, Raymond Silvestri, Michael Smithmeyer, Charles Stasa , Rylee Svoboda, Brittney Werner, Samuel Williamson, Olivia Wysong and Zhuo Zhang.

Sophomores: Devin Butts, Lindsay Carr, Kelly Condon, Evan Conrad, Katie Dickens, Ryan Eckhardt, Megan Floyd, Heidi Fritsch, Chase Hensley, Amelia Kennedy, Nathaniel Krohn, Olivia LeRoux, Trey Malosh, Kayla Miller, Cassandra Moore, Sydni Myers, Alyssa Noe, Lauren Overfield, Abby Pennington, Sergio Reyna, Alyson Salsberry, Megan Simon, Stacia Tietje, Kaitlyn Willson and Courtney Wilson.

Freshmen: Harley Blair, Anthony Boger, Patrick Brandt, Grace Bryson, Brendan Canfield, Aaliyah Carpenter, Margaret Carter, Garrett Crowell, Kenneth Cutcher, Emily Dickens, Joshua Dowling, Nicholas Ekleberry, Katie Fritsch, Dieago Funk, Delaney Garlick, Shannon Hardy, Nicholas Hassen, Livia Hein , Alyssa Herrick, Noah Kreuz, Courtney Krieger, Noah Malosh, Collin Meller, Gabriella Milburn, Dalton Mitchey, Bailey Monahan, Hannah Pennington, Kaitlyn Rice, Emily Smithmyer, Alexis Truckor, Jamie VanLoocke, Dalton Walsh, Nichole Wilson, Faith Woerner, Adelaide Worline, and Rebecca Zylvitis.

Seniors who received a four-year Citizenship Award were Morgan Berkowitz, Hannah Beroske, Erin Brandt, Carissa Call, Jessi Ducat, Karly Fandry, Andrew Markley, Danielle Miller, Marty Nichols, Hanna Sill, Hannah Smith, Alex Sullivan and Dalton York.

The Ohio High School Athletic Association Awards were presented to the following students: Award of Excellence – Payton Miller and Alysa Langenderfer; Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Awards – Peyton Willeman and Erica VanLoocke; Respect the Game State Award – Kyle Brighton and Scholar Athlete Award – Marty Nichols and Shawna Siefker.

The Army Reserve National Scholar Athlete Awards was presented to Alec Ankoviak and Carissa Call.

The United States Marine Corps awards were presented to the following students: Scholastic Excellence Award – Carissa Call; Distinguished Athlete Award – Erin Brandt and Semper Fidelis Award (given to a high school musician who gives 110 percent throughout the year) – Marty Nichols.

The American Legion recognized the Americanism and Government Test winners Jonathan Milliken, Ian Davoll, Heidi Fritsch, Mason Kasefang, Lauren Shaffer, Nick Hendricks and Chelsey Miller.

Nicole Mabus and Garrett Crowell were recognized for their VFW Patriotic Art Competition entries.

Each of the following underclassmen received a Perfect Attendance Award: Bethany Bowser, Kevin O’Neil, Peyton Pawlaczyk, Lindsay Carr, Nicholas Hudik, Carl Louy, Trey Malosh, Sydni Myers, Lauren Overfield, Kaitlyn Willson, Harley Blair, Joshua Dowling, Noah Malosh and Kaitlyn Rice.

The George Eastman Young Leaders Award was presented to Eden Eisel.

The University of Rochester Xerox Award was presented to Josh Laux.

The Fredrick Douglas and Susan B. Anthony Award was given to Michael Smithmyer.

Next year’s representatives to Youth Leadership Toledo will be Alexis Truckor and Patrick Brandt. This year’s representatives were Alyssa Noe and Abby Pennington.

Attending the Hugh O’Brien Leadership Seminar this summer will be Olivia LeRoux.

Representing EHS at the 2015 Buckeye Boys State Conference will be Michael Smithmyer and Ray Silvestri.

Lauren Hite and Eden Eisel will attend the 2015 Buckeye Girls State Conference.

The U.S. Army’s West Point Leadership Award was given to Josh Laux and Eden Eisel.

Autum Orns was recognized for earning second place in the Delta Eagles’ God, Flag and County Oratory Contest.

Representing Evergreen High School in the Fulton County Youth Advisory Council for the 2014-15 school year were Erica Vanloocke, Erin Brandt, Rachael Noe, Mike Smithmyer, Evan Conrad, Nick Hudik, Patrick Brandt, Katelyn Fletcher, Mallory Jones, Abby Pennington, Travis Newcomb, Emily Smithmyer and Nichole Wilson.