Delta Council approves ordinances

By Quintin Gigax - For the Expositor

Monday evening’s Delta Village Council meeting started off as most do call to order, the pledge, and a quick prayer. Soon however, the council moved to hear the concerns of two citizens, Tim Cowden and Kristy Cowden, who expressed concerns about the Delta reservoir and its level, as well as Issue 8.

The Cowden’s first concern was that if issue 8 did not pass the council would push to increase the property tax which Mayor Dan Miller vehemently denied.

There were five Ordinances on the table Monday, two old business and three new. The old ordinances #18-25 and 18-26 both passed 6-0.

Ordinance 18-25 would establish the territory where citizens could seek the service of the Delta Municipal Electric System. 18-26 was a vote for appropriations for the Village of Delta in the upcoming year of 2019.

Each new piece of business was approved 6-0 as well.

Ordinance 18-27 would allow the Village Administrator to advertise and prepare for sale the property adjacent to the Waste-Water Treatment Facility because it is no longer accessible or or needed for a public purpose as a result of the combined sewer overflow project.

Ordinance 18-18 is a resolution which would authorize the Village Administrator to begin advertising bids for the repaving of Monroe Street in the year 2019.

Lastly, 18-19 is a resolution as well allowing the Administrator to enter into an agreement with DGL Consulting Engineers for professional services.

In committee reports, Finance, Rules & Ordinances, Development & Government Relations, Safety, and Law all had nothing to report.

Village Administrator Peebles addressed the council about potential amendments to the annexation agreement between the Village of Delta and York Township. Peebles summarized the amendment saying, “the township has requested that the language of the original agreement be amended to reflect that the 10 year term would begin with the collection of four full quarters of taxes paid by MetalX to the Village of Delta.” Peebles expressed his belief that the council should take the deal saying, “Today the amount of construction workers on sight far exceeds what the revenue generated by MetalX employees generate once they are up and operational… Once MetalX is operational and they pay their four quarters, then our 10 year contract would start.

This potential amendment was approved 6-0.

Village Services Chairman Wilton requested a meeting planned for 6:30 p.m. before the next council meeting on the 19th to discuss the base water and sewer charges for customers who go out of town for the winter months. Chairman Dawson for Property also requested a meeting for 6:45 p.m. of the same date to discuss a property swap of land with the FCHC.

Finance Director Mossing presented a letter from the Fulton Country Amateur Radio Club who wishes to use the Delta Memorial Hall from 5 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Dec. 1, This was put to a vote which all council members voted in favor of.

The next Delta city council meeting will take place of Nov. 19 at 7 p.m.

By Quintin Gigax

For the Expositor

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