Intruders kill, butcher steer

Staff report

A local farmer took a hit last weekend when intruders slaughtered one of his steers.

Joe Gombash, of 9241 County Road 1, outside of Swanton, reported the incident Sunday at 3:30 p.m. to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office. He said that earlier a person or persons had entered a barn on property he farmed at another location and slit the throat of a steer. The culprits then butchered the animal and reportedly made off with about two hundred pounds of meat.

The steer’s carcass wasn’t discovered until Sunday. Other animals housed in the barn were uninjured.

Miller said it’s unknown when the butchering occurred, “and we have nothing to go on at this time.” He said there were no known witnesses.

No other information was available, and an investigation continues.

Gombash could not be reached for comment.

Staff report