Sign planned at Wauseon’s Rotary Pond

By Quintin Gigax - For the Expositor

Wauseon City Council decided on Monday to put up a fishing sign at Rotary Park.

Mayor Kathy Huner brought up a request from the Rotary Club for the Council to put up a sign that states the pond is “catch and release only.”

“Rotary last year had filled the pond for our first annual fishing derby,” she said.

The council had a short debate about whether or not to defer the decision to the Public Service Department. Eventually they decided to put up the sign, but leave it up to the Public Service Department whether or not to remove the sign if the pond begins to become too full.

The second reading of an ordinance amending section 513.12 to delete subsection 513.12(d)(2) making possession of drug paraphernalia illegal, passed.

Council passed the first reading of an ordinance to amend Section 1142.09 to read eight hundred square inches for residential signs. Also a first reading was passed to amend chapter 1122.03 MH-1 changing setbacks of the Manufactured Home Park District from 20-feet to 10-feet.

Council passed the motion to update the city fire code to read “current version.”

Council began its proceedings by passing a motion 5-0, accepting the Personnel Committee’s recommendation to pay part time police and fire auxiliary, dispatchers, patrolman, and paramedics. This would be the employee’s holiday pay at time and a half, for the major holidays, New Year’s Day, Christmas, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving.

In department reports:

• Department head reports began with Police Chief Keith Torbet gloating a little bit about the police department’s third victory over the fire department in the chili cook-off, although the Chief of Fire Department Rick Sluder was not in attendance.

He then spoke about the attempt to get people to sign up for Citizen Police Academy this fall. The year before had minimal attendance so that seems to have warranted some changes this year. This year, instead of each day being a 4 hour block with everyone in attendance, it will be a 1 hour block with 4 people in hopes this will allow people to get through all of the scenarios without sitting around for a few hours.

To take part, contact the police department. It will take place Nov. 7-14. On the 18th and 19th, the Department will be going through a series of training scenarios.

• Head of the Public Service Department Dennis Richardson spoke on a number of suggested revisions of the ODOT lease with the school. The Public Service crew was shown how to winterize the public pool which has now been properly protected. Eleven applicants for the Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation have been chosen, and first round interviews are slated to begin on Thursday.

As well according to Richardson, “fall clean up was a big success if you count success by the number of dumpsters.” There was also a report of hunters on the bike path out between County Roads 11 and 13 which is strictly prohibited, and he said as well that, “the stretch of path is supposed to be unused due to the train coming through down close to Road 11.”

The Public Service Department has ordered a few signs to be put up to remind people of this.

• Director of Law Thomas McWatters reported that the City Law Department has been hard at work updating the employee handbook and doing a wage survey.

By Quintin Gigax

For the Expositor