Lyons church to celebrate 150 years

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The First Universalist Church of Lyons will hold a 150th anniversary celebration on Saturday. The anniversary service is from 1-2 p.m. with a fellowship potluck from 2-4 p.m.

Six former ministers of the church will take part in the celebration. Also taking part will be the mayor of Lyons, and a representative from the Unitarian Universalist district .

Former members from across the country are expected to attend.

The church is located at 145 E. Morenci St. in Lyons.

It all started more than 150 years ago in the early 1850s as Rev. Lathrop came to Lyons from Sylvania and held meetings in the Old Red Schoolhouse. The first congregation gathered in 1852.

The Rev. Samuel Binns began his pastorate for Royalton Township in 1866 and a church organization was completed in 1867 with 34 charter members. In the spring of 1868 it was decided a church would be built. Jenks Morey donated a lot for the church and in the fall of 1868 the church was completed and dedicated in October.

It is the oldest non-residential strutcture remaining on its orginial site in Royalton Township. It is also registered as a Historical Building with the Fulton County Historical Society.

Early ministers included Rev. Nathaniel Crary, W.W. Clayton, Harry L. Canfield, C.P. Nash and the Rev. Wales.

While the Rev. G.H. Ashworth was pastor, the church was remodeled in 1904. A large steeple was added, stained glass windows were installed and the building was raised to allow use as a fellowship hall.

One hundred years later, in 2004, the windows were restored. Householder | Fulton County Expositor

Staff Report