Fulton County releases annual report

Staff Report

The Fulton County Commissioners have released the 2017 Annual Report. This report is available on their website at www.fultoncountyoh.com, as well as posted to their Facebook and Twitter pages.

The report gives a snapshot of 2017 in Fulton County. The year brought to a close a successful partnership with the State of Ohio with the opening of the Museum and Welcome Center of Fulton County. It was a first of its kind collaboration between the Fulton County Commissioners, the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Fulton County Museum.

In 2017, the Clerk of Courts Title Division issued 18,923 titles. Total fees collected were over $6 million.

Working for Fulton County government were 296 full-time employees and 91 part-time employees. The prosecutor’s office handled 152 felony cases and 217 non-traffic misdemeanors during the year.

In economic development, there was $58,325,000 new investment in real and personal property in 2017. Also, 132 new jobs were created.

Top employers in Fulton County included ConAgra, Fulton County government, Fulton County Health Center, International Automotive Components, North Star BlueScope Steel, Sauder Woodworking Company, TRW Automotive and Worthington Industries.

In 2017, there were 5,170 traffic cases filed in Eastern District Court and 4,349 in Western District Court. There were 416 criminal cases in Eastern District and 553 in Western District. The Eastern District Court saw 636 civil cases filed while Western District had 569.

During the year, the Sheriff’s Office served 200 felony warrants and 517 misdemeanor warrants. Calls for threats/harassment, burglary/assault/vandalism and domestic were all down from 2016.

A hard copy of the report can be requested from Toni Schindler, Director of Marketing and Communications for the Fulton County Commissioners at 419-337-9699 or [email protected]

Staff Report