Delta Village Council discusses petition

By Hunter Huffman - For the Expositor

On Monday, the Delta Village Council discussed reservoir contaminants and a petition among other topics.

Council discussed a petition of the 18-08 ordinance that establishes a electric utility division in Delta. According to village administrator Brad Peebles, 71 signatures will be required to place it on next year’s voting ballot.

Peebles said the petition could result in a loss of about $350,000 of income to the village from its potential customers of electric utilities. Regarding the extent to which the village can describe the division’s importance to the public, Law Director Kevin Heban said “We can educate, but we cannot advocate; that’s the fine line.”

Peebles spoke with great concern on the matter.

“I think it behooves us to be as proactive as possible to educate the public of [the division’s] benefits,” he said.

Ordinance 18-14, which sought to prohibit battery-powered vehicles from village reservoirs, failed to pass due to lack of a second to motion. According to Peebles, Jones & Henry Engineers concluded that contamination in the reservoirs was not an issue of battery acid, but could be possible from lead. However, the batteries do not exude enough of the substance to be untreatable.

With this information, Peebles denounced the ordinance. “I believe that it is appropriate that council not pass this legislation,” he said.

Council passed a resolution which supports a county-wide grant to eliminate blighted dwellings in the area. The resolution was distributed to all Fulton County communities for councils to review. If completely approved, the resolution will not go into affect until next year.

When asked by councilwoman Lynn Frank as to what will happen to these structures post-elimination, Peebles responded that the county can place a lien on the property if the owner plans to sell it.

Other business

• The council passed the reading of a resolution that declares it necessary to levy a tax in excess of Ohio’s ten-mill limitation for parks and recreation.

• The council approved payment of invoices.

• The council suspended ordinance 18-15, which reflects a new income tax distribution schedule. Emergency provisions are required for further action to be taken. The second reading of the ordinance was finalized by council.

• The unlimited trash pickup with Archbold Refuse Service yielded a total of 150-160 tons of waste. The final bill for the project was $20,000. Frank reported that residents were “just thrilled that we were doing this.” Her and councilman Frank Wilton both stated the pickup was “well-received.” Councilman Bob Gilbert said it was a money-saver for the village.

• Peebles will meet with a real estate division next week to discuss condemning a gas station property on US 20A.

• The cost for renewal of property and liability insurance through Beck Insurance Agency increased from $38,347 to $38,413 as a result of new equipment and other necessities for the CSO project.

• The previous location of Casa Vieja will be leased for a new restaurant called Pueblo Lindo. The council approved to sign an application to transfer the new owner’s liquor license to Delta. The owners hope to find a location with greater size in Delta to ensure future success.

By Hunter Huffman

For the Expositor

Reach Hunter Huffman at [email protected]

Reach Hunter Huffman at [email protected]