Breakfast on the Farm scheduled for 2019

Staff report

The Henricks and Krieger Dairy Farm has been selected as the host farm for the next Breakfast On The Farm event, to be held in Fulton County on June 15, 2019.

Henricks and Krieger Dairy is a third generation, three-family partnership owned by Richard and Sue Henricks, Phillip and Tara Henricks, and Shawn and Kim Krieger. The family farm was founded 72 years ago by Clifford and Annabelle Henricks in Chesterfield Township, located east of Fayette. The family cares for Holstein cows while raising corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and wheat. The farm is a member of the Ohio and National Holstein Association, Farm Bureau, and the Fulton County Dairy Association.

Breakfast on the Farm (BOTF) is a free, public event that gives consumers and farm neighbors a first-hand look at modern food production and the farm families who produce safe, wholesome food. Planning for the BOTF event will start in the fall of 2018.

It will include a free breakfast made with northwest Ohio-grown agricultural products and will feature all the operations of the Henricks and Krieger Dairy. Participants will be able to see live cows and calves, tour the farm, and see farm equipment used on today’s modern dairy farms. The Fulton County BOTF is coordinated through a partnership of OSU Extension, Farm Bureau and the Soil and Water Conservation District.

In 2015, the Fulton County community hosted the first Breakfast On The Farm event at Sandland Farms in Swanton. Sixty percent of participants were first-time visitors to a dairy farm in 20 years.

Staff report