Memorial Day pool opening shaky

But speed slide approved

By David J. Coehrs -

The new Wauseon community pool may not be ready for its intended opening on Memorial Day weekend.

The new Wauseon community pool may not be ready for its intended opening on Memorial Day weekend.

Wauseon residents may not get the Memorial Day weekend opening planned for the new community pool. But the pool will eventually include the costly speed slide removed from the original design.

At Monday’s City Council meeting, Public Service Director Dennis Richardson said volatile seasonal weather has contributed to slower progress on the project than anticipated. He said work in some areas is moving steadily but finishing the pool itself may cause a delay in the opening date.

“Everybody’s been doing a yeoman’s job down there of trying to get that done in a timely fashion,” he said. “The spring we’ve had has not helped anything.”

Richardson said the concrete floor of the pool must be cleaned and painted with lane lines, then receive an epoxy-like coating that must cure for seven to 10 days before the pool can be filled with water. He said under those circumstances the pool likely can’t be filled until the week just prior to Memorial Day.

Richardson said after all that work is complete the pool must still pass final inspections, including for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC work. Following that, a state Health Department inspector must give final approval.

For those reasons, naming a specific opening date is not possible at this time, Richardson said.

“We’re just plain doing the best we can,” he said.

During the discussion, Council members voted unanimously to accept the Finance Committee’s recommendation to purchase a speed slide for the pool at a cost of approximately $55,000. Funding will come from the city’s Capital Improvement Fund.

The slide was taken off the pool’s original blueprints after the Council deemed it too costly. But Finance Committee Chair Steve Schneider said Monday that decision was reversed in order to purchase the slide before the price may increase.

Unfortunately, pool guests this season may not reap the full benefits of the slide because it will take 14 to 16 weeks to install, he said.

At an April 24 meeting, the committee set the following pool rates: daily admission, $3 per person; season pass, $60 for city residents, $75 for non-residents; family season pass for up to five members, $125 for residents, $175 for non-residents, $10 for each additional member; day care seasonal pass, $200; swimming lessons, $25 for a two-week course; pool parties for residents, $100 without slide access, $150 with slide access; pool parties for non-residents, $150 without slide access, $200 with slide access. At present, the parties would be scheduled from 7:45-9:15 p.m.

“We tried to keep (prices) reasonable so that we can get people there to enjoy the pool,” Schneider said.

He said the committee also discussed keeping the pool open tentatively through Sept. 16 to allow after-school swimming, at a daily rate of $1. However, the pool would not be open on Fridays during football season or during the Fulton County Fair.

In other business, Mayor Kathy Huner said the Fulton County Medical Services Committee agreed during its March 21 meeting to purchase ice/water rescue equipment and suits for all county fire and rescue departments at a cost of $14,320, with the approval of the county commissioners. Huner, a committee member, said two individuals from each department will receive training and equipment.

The committee also voted to approve the annual $6,400 payment for first responder counseling, and to continue use of the Salamander System, an identity and accountability software system, at a cost of $10,000 for 2018.

Tree Commission member Rick Frey said retired state forester Tom Collins was appointed to replace outgoing member Jeff Lako. He said Peter Berg of the Woody Warehouse Nursery in Lizton, Ind., was named the commission’s Booster of the Year for his contributions.

In department reports:

• First Assistant Fire Chief Phil Kessler said six department members will attend a day-long event May 17 in Dublin, Ohio, hosted by the California-based Rialto Fire Prevention Division. The group provides risk reduction services.

• Police Chief Keith Torbet reported the department is taking applications for its annual Youth Police Academy, scheduled for June 4-8. The academy is limited to 20 students, and Wauseon students will be the first accepted.

Torbet said officers will be present during the Fulton County Job and Family Services Family Fun Day this Saturday.

• Public Service Director Dennis Richardson said the biosolids handling project at the Water Reclamation Plant is pending while contractual information is awaited.

• Finance Director Jamie Giguere said city income tax revenue for April was down $40,000 as compared to 2017. She said the decrease appears to be the result of the timing of deposits, since payments were still being received into May.

• Law Director Thomas McWatters III said 350 trees were planted April 21 within the Indian Hill Trail project adjacent to Homecoming Park. He said about 75 volunteers turned out for the planting, including residents and representatives from the Wauseon school district.

“It was really, I thought, a broad partnership by just a lot of folks in the community to make this happen,” he said.

McWatters said the city is speaking with the Wauseon school district about sharing property at the former Ohio Department of Transportation facilities on Linfoot Street.

The Council briefly discussed the growing problem of dog owners not collecting their pets’ waste in Homecoming Park, which was recently designated a dog park. Huner and Councilor Shane Chamberlin said they have received complaints that pet owners don’t pick up after their dogs, despite containers provided by the city in the park.

Councilor Steve Schneider said the public must comply with the rule or face the possibility of losing dog privileges in the park.

City Council also approved:

• The suspension of three readings and emergency passage of resolutions authorizing the mayor “to execute the JobsOhio grant agreement with Hill Manufacturing for the Revolving Loan Fund,” and to enter into agreement with Huntington Bank for a new credit card policy.

• The first reading of a resolution authorizing the mayor “to enter into a participation agreement regarding energy purchasing programs of the Ohio Municipal League.”

• The third readings of resolutions authorizing the mayor to enter into contracts with Stantec and PAC Engineering for engineering services.

The new Wauseon community pool may not be ready for its intended opening on Memorial Day weekend. new Wauseon community pool may not be ready for its intended opening on Memorial Day weekend.
But speed slide approved

By David J. Coehrs

Reach David J. Coehrs at 419-335-2010.

Reach David J. Coehrs at 419-335-2010.