Practice for ‘Messiah’ in Delta starts Sept. 30

Correct phone number included

DELTA – Rehearsals will begin on Wednesday evenings, starting with Sept. 30 for the Delta Community Choir. The rehearsals will be held at Delta United Methodist Church, 101 Northwood Drive beginning at 8 p.m.

The program, Messiah, by George Frideric Handel, has been a holiday favorite since the 18th century. The choir will perform in the Pike-Delta-York High School auditorium as well as the Delta Community Band in December. Date and times will follow.

Anyone in the Delta community and surrounding area are more than welcome to be part of a stirring Yuletide performance.

Contact Marcia Ricker at 517-901-0039 for more information. This phone number is a correction to the last notice.

Correct phone number included