Common Pleas Court

Tara J. Ayala, Wauseon, vs. Brent M. Cagala, Huntington, Ind., non-support of dependents.

Huntington National Bank, Columbus, vs. Jeffrey S. Gillen, Wauseon, foreclosure.

Ditech Financial LLC, Tempe, Ariz., vs. Chad R. Wagner, Fayette, foreclosure.

Autumn Adams, Toledo, vs. Daniel Rittner, Lima, other civil.

Capital One Bank, Columbus, vs. Abbigail Rodriguez, Archbold, other civil.

Jennifer K. Bricker, no address, vs. Richard A. Bricker, Holgate, Ohio, domestic violence.

David P. Mann, Swanton, vs. Anita J. Mann, Swanton, termination of marriage without children.

Bruce Bills, Fayette, vs. Margarita Rodriguez, Stryker, domestic violence.

Montana R. Francis, Delta, vs. Aaron J. Francis, Delta, dissolution of marriage without children.

Amy Hardy, Wauseon, vs. Brent Hardy, Stryker, domestic violence.

Western District Court

Gabriel R. Petersen, Archbold, stop sign, $125.

Annette M. Makula, Wauseon, failure to yield, $190.

Heron M. Chavez, Wauseon, speed, $188.

Michael S. McKibben, Delta, speed, $190.

Lee S. Bolton, Napoleon, speed, $135.

Allen J. Nofziger, Wauseon, speed, $188.

Taylor Rodriguez, Fayette, failure to register and confine dog, no dog tags, $261.

Sharon D. Long, Matteson, Ill., speed, $125.

Kimberly L. Storey, Maumee, operating vehicle while intoxicated, $613, vehicle immobilized 90 days, ignition interlock required, seven days in jail, license suspended one year with limited privileges, drug/alcohol assessment and aftercare, no violations of law for two years.

Jorge A. Martinez, Archbold, theft, no driver’s license, $740, reportable probation until restitution paid, 30 hours community service, no violations of law for two years.

Jonathan M. Rivera, Wauseon, suspended driver’s license, $338, no violations of law for two years.

Jason J. Smith, Delta, suspended driver’s license, no right on red, $389, valid license in 120 days, no violations of law for two years.

Elissa M. Norris, Wauseon, no valid driver’s license, $288, no violations of law for two years.

Katie Garza, Wauseon, disorderly conduct, $128, no violations of law for two years.

Steven R. Hicks, Fayette, operating vehicle while intoxicated, $703 plus costs, three days jail with credit for time served, one year reportable probation, license suspended one year with limited privileges, drug/alcohol assessment and aftercare, no violations of law for two years.

Antonio D. Torres, Wauseon, hunting deer without permit, $155.

Rex A. Rufenacht, Pettisville, operating vehicle while intoxicated, $927 plus costs, no consumption or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs for two years, two Alcoholics Anonymous meetings per week, 30 days jail with 90 days alcohol monitor thereafter, two years reportable probation, license suspended 730 days with privileges, drug and alcohol assessment and recommended aftercare, no violations of law for two years.

Marriage Licenses

Jeremy N. Waite, 39, Swanton, truck driver, and Victoria N. Szymanski, 39, Swanton, unemployed.

Millard C. Vanderhorst, 26, Adrian, Mich., customer accounts advisor, and Mikayla R. Lantz, 23, Fayette, desk clerk.

Juan P. Jimenez-Lohr, 23, Delta, server, and Amy Jo Lemley, 42, Delta, unemployed.

Shane S. Weiss, 22, Grand Rapids, Ohio, student, and Michaela M. Chambers, 22, Delta, nurse.

Steven T. Malloy, 24, Waueon, server, and Nicole M. Spadafore, 28, Wauseon, teacher.

Gregg D. Wanemacher, 58, Wauseon, relocation engineer, and De-Linda L. Johnson, 55, Wauseon, clerk.

Sean T. Rossman, 41, Wauseon, firefighter/paramedic, and Gina A. Saaf, 49, Wauseon, executive director.

Real Estate Transfers

HSBC Bank USA, trustee, to Derek Shank, 3050 County Road 5, Delta, $23,000.

Philip Garmenn to David W. Garmenn, County Road 7-2, Delta, $210,250.

Beverly L. Kirsch, trustee, to Richard T. Sr. and Suzanne F. Belter, 1023 Cherokee Drive, Wauseon, $132,500.

Randolph M. Lapoint to Keybank National Association, 601 E. Garfield Ave., Swanton, $54,900.

Jason M. Rufenacht to Troy Grime and Ashley Prentiss, 21438 County Road C, Archbold, $175,000.

Sean T. Rossman to Joseph M. Davis, 443 Ottokee St., Wauseon, $103,000.

Dan Rieger to Logan K. Mack, 5346 County Road 5-2, Delta, $116,500.

Harry J. Culler to Dean F. Margalski, 111 Bassett Ave., Swanton, $46,350.

Lisa D. Borton to Jeffrey L. Nichols and Christina M. Avina, 1275 S. Park Lane, Wauseon, $128,500.

Richard J. Wolf to Jessi R. Ducat, 425 Prospect St., Wauseon, $70,000.

Linda S. Wolff, co-trustee, to Garret S. Loeffler and Emily R. Natter, 16176 State Highway 64, Metamora, $134,900.

Pauline L. Jones, trustee, to Borderline Express LLC, 701 E. Industrial Pkwy., Fayette, $200,000.