SACC campaign stresses drinking in moderation

Staff Report

The Swanton Area Community Coalition has started a campaign with the aim of keeping area residents safe this holiday season.

Alcohol is often present at holiday parties and SACC wants to make sure it is used safely. So the holiday campaign will focus on drinking in moderation.

Research shows that binge drinking is at an all time peak, according to Andrea Smith, executive director of SACC.

“There are so many misconceptions about alcohol and drinking that need to be brought to light so everyone can have a safe holiday season,” said Smith. “Research shows that these misconceptions can have life threatening consequences.

SACC encourages everyone to create holiday memories, whether it does or does not include alcohol, while done in a safe and responsible manner. Not all drinks are equal and knowing the differences is key in avoiding over consumption.

Actually, 1.5 ounce of a shot of alcohol, 5 ounces of wine, and a 12 ounce beer all have the same alcohol content. Being aware of the amount of alcohol we are consuming makes it easier to set limits, Smith said..

Drinking and driving can also be a problem during the holiday season. It makes up 40 percent of traffic-related deaths, while during the rest of the year it is 28 percent.

“One in eight licensed drivers say that they have drove close to or over the legal limit, 0.08 BAC, in the past year,” Smith said. “How scary is that?”

The coalition advises residents to plan ahead before celebrating the season. Count drinks, pace yourself, and set limits.

“Of course we don’t intend to harm anyone when we celebrate during the holiday season, yet, violence and traffic fatalities persist,” Smith said. “Misperceptions and myths of alcohol and drinking circulate, even though science proves differently.”

For example, some believe that drinking coffee will sober up an individual. But, according to the coalition, while the caffeine may mask the drowsiness from drinking alcohol, decision-making and coordination are still compromised.

Anyone that would like more information on safety tips from SACC can email the group at

“SACC wants to encourage everyone to be aware of the amount alcohol consumed during the holidays. Count your drinks, set limits, and don’t let the holidays consume you,” said Smith.

Staff Report