Common Pleas Court

Daniel T. Jewett, Metamora, vs. Allison K. Jewett, Columbia, S.C., dissolution of marriage without children.

Elizabeth Risner, Wauseon, vs. Jason Risner, Delta, dissolution of marriage with children.

Danielle M. Hanely, Adrian, Mich., vs., Matthew G. Hanely, Delta, termination of marriage without children.

Kristina Orosco-Orner, Wauseon, vs. Samantha Herter, Delta, other civil.

Lisa McCullough, Delta, vs. Millard C. Vanderhorst, Adrian, Mich., other civil.

Matthew Cromly, Swanton, vs. Deanna F. Cromly, Toledo, dissolution of marriage with children.

Jenna J. Hogrefe, Wauseon, vs. Mitchell A. Hogrefe, Wauseon, termination of marriage with children.

National Collegiate Student, Jessup, Md., vs. Aaron C. Zenz, Delta, other civil.

Western District Court

Justin M. Antigo, Hicksville, Ohio, speed, $135.

Carl L. Wittenmyer V, Wauseon, speed, $125.

Erika L. Dutcher, Wauseon, speed, $125.

Michael D. Bullock, Delta, squealing tires, $125.

Loraine F. Riegsecker, Archbold, assured clear distance, $190.

Chelcie M. Morse, Wauseon, red light, $125.

Toby D. Rupp, Edon, Ohio, speed, $125.

Deanna Whitman, Napoleon, speed, $188.

Con Wyse, Archbold, speed, $135.

Jennifer E. Dow, Ney, Ohio, speed, $135.

Steven L. Hawkins, Perrysburg, speed, $135.

Judy Vorasane, Toledo, speed, $135.

Ashley N. Short, Archbold, speed, $125.

Andrea N. Hunter, Toledo, speed, $135.

Sara M. Donnelly, Wauseon, speed, $135.

Bret A. Parsons, Napoleon, stop sign, $125.

Richard A. Basilius, Fayette, failure to stop after accident, $238, one year reportable probation, no violations of law for one year.

Benjamin D. Rhodes II, Middle Point, Ohio, suspended driver’s license, $338, no violations of law for one year.

Michael L. Cockerham, Fayette, possession of controlled substance, $155.

Zachary A. Stewart, Wauseon, failure to register and confine dog, no dog tag, $261.

James J. Jagodzinski Jr., Wauseon, suspended driver’s license, $338, one year reportable probation, no violations of law for one year.

Edwin H. Andrews, Wauseon, suspended driver’s license, $238, no violations of law for one year.

Mikeal Leveck, Toledo, suspended driver’s license, $238, no violations of law for one year.

Junior Molina, Napoleon, speed, $125.

Jonathon D. Shumaker, Cincinnati, red light, $125.

Jordon L. Rosebrock, Wauseon, suspended driver’s license, $238.

Santiago G. Gonzalez, Wauseon, suspended driver’s license, tail lights, $452.

Marriage Licenses

Ryan C. Callahan, 24, Delta, business sales, and Emily M. Thomas, 22, Delta, designer/developer.

Timothy J. Reed Jr., 27, Wauseon, general laborer, and Raelynn M. Norris, 28, Wauseon, general laborer.

Lance W. Burkheimer, 21, Delta, U.S. Army, and Bailey Sue Kern, 21, Delta, unemployed.

Ryan P. Nofziger, 41, Wauseon, general laborer, and Kati Jo Eller, 31, Wauseon, homemaker.

Kelly J. Smith, 54, Sioux Falls, S.D., retired, and Roberta J. Yoder, 47, Sioux Falls, S.D., sales.

Robert A. Shepard, 32, Delta, laser welder, and Ashley J. Yevtich, 30, Delta, nurse.

Randy J. Koepfer, 45, Wauseon, warehouse manager, and Cynthia D. Weirauch, 41, Wauseon, laborer.

Real Estate Transfers

R&R Investments Partnership to Barry R. VonDeylen, 433 Primrose Lane, Archbold, $23,000.

Steven N. Tack to Joshua P. and Kristen L. Colter, 300 Wood St., Delta, $156,500.

Mars Construction to Robert and Evelyn Aleshire, 9460 County Road F, Delta, $150,000.

Douglas W. and Candyce Eicher to Wendy J. Robinson, 316 N. Madison St., Delta, $57,000.

Jeff P. Harmon to Mark and Mariah Maginn, 401 N. Fayette St., Fayette, $61,500.

Gertrud Krueger to Gertrud Krueger, 21105 County Road C, Archbold, $110,000.

Edward L. and Vickie A. Cox to Jason S. Conroy, 404 E. Main St., Fayette, $91,000.

RDD Ltd. to SMH LLC, 23061 U.S. 20A, Archbold, $270,000.

Michael and Barbara L. Beroske to Antonio W. and Ashleigh M. Aguilar, 13590 County Road 8-2, Delta, $28,000.

John R. Bay, successor trustee, to 101 Adrian Street LLC, 101 Adrian St., Delta, $130,000.

First Federal Bank of Midwest to Gerald J. Keil, trustee, County Road 2-2, Swanton, $172,967.

Dennis J. and Karen J. Kelley to Andrew J. and Leah G. Wuebben, 21521 County Road F, Archbold, $164,500.

Fred W. Strobel and Kylie M Patterson to Monica L. and Jose Valadez, 204 Dogwood Court, Archbold, $112,000.

Rodney N. and Cassie A. Garbers to Myron Garbers, 4460 County Road 6, Delta, $40,000.

Lenore Peterson, successor trustees, to Beverly L. Kirsch, 625 E. Linfoot St., Wauseon, $135,000.