Courthouse News


Penni L. Miller, Wauseon, speeding – assured clear distance ahead, $190 fine.

Shelly Ackley, Wauseon, speeding, $135 fine.

Andrew G. Leininger, Lyons, speeding, $188 fine.

Autumn L. Patterson, Fayette, speeding, $135 fine.

Chelsey M. Beam, Delta, failure to stop at intersection with stop sign, $190 fine.

Dina J. Gladieaux, Fayette, speeding, $125 fine.

Mitchell B. Garrow, Wauseon, speeding, $125 fine.

Garreth W. Johnson, Fayette, safety belt violation, $81 fine.

Charles A. Ruetz, Swanton, safety belt violation, $81 fine.

Thomas M. Leach, Wauseon, speeding, $135 fine.

Breanna J. Lyons, Wauseon, safety belt violation, $81 fine.

Curtis L. Garrett, Fayette, speeding, $165 fine.

Nicole C. Burrow, Wauseon, speeding, $165 fine.

Donald A. Dotson, Swanton, speeding, $125 fine.

Ashley N. Smith, Wauseon, speeding, $188 fine.

Hannah M. Mroz, Swanton, speeding, $125 fine.

Oscar E. Calderon, Archbold, speeding, $238 fine.

Tracy A. Atchison, Wauseon, possession of control substance, $50 fine plus court costs and driver’s license suspended 180 days.

Chad D. Lichtenwald, Fayette, disorderly conduct, $100 fine plus court costs, under community control until Sept. 8, 2017 and defendant shall not possess or consume alcohol or illegal drugs for 90 days.

Jacob J. Maberson, Wauseon, driver’s license suspended, $200 fine plus court costs, under community control until Sept. 8, 2017 and perform 60 hours community service.

Crystal L. Leal, Swanton, disorderly conduct, $50 fine plus court costs, two days in jail with credit for two days, under community control until Sept. 10, 2017 and ordered not to enter Fulton County Fairgrounds for two years.

Dawn M. Stough, Fayette, animals running and grazing at large, $50 fine plus court costs.

William C. Tiedman, Wauseon, failure to obey traffic control device, $37 fine plus court costs; failure to reinstate driver’s license, $100 fine plus court costs, under community control until Sept. 15, 2017 and to obtain clear license with proof to Western District Court in 180 days.

Nickia D. McCall Jr., Wauseon, no valid operator’s license, $200 fine plus court costs.


Deedra S. Smith by Fulton County Sheriff’s Office to Goreneweg Rental, LLC, 213 Bankey Ave., Archbold, $50,000.

Schmitz Construction, LLC to Brett D. and Nicole E. Lohman, 217 Lilac Lane, Swanton, $205,000.

David A. and April S. Hildreth to Joshua E. and Caryn M. Saeger, 7361 County Road L, Delta, $95,000.

Gregoria Guerrero-Cardenas to Jesus and Yolanda S. Sosa Jr., 11190 County Road 23, Fayette, $20,000.

Larry L. and Judith I. Mock, trustees to Joseph M. Jensen and Danielle Smith-Jensen, 5516 County Road A, Liberty Center, $100,000.

Joyce Ferris-Mellott and Douglas A. Mellott to Wesley A. Bryan, 405 Joan St., Fayette, $55,000.

Timothy L. and Bonnie S. Lange to Brian J. and Trena K. Huffman, 516 Quail Run, Archbold, $268,000.

Tamara J. Burkholder to Benjamin C. and Lisa N. Osterland, 402 Vine St., Archbold, $104,500.

US Bank, N. A. to Ilink Real Estate Company, LLC, 306 Fulton St., Swanton, $54,700.

Mark J. Naiber to Emily Pawlinski et al, 2651 County Road H, Swanton, $129,000.

George F. and Leslie A. Hartman to Tamare J. and Lucas Ankney, 12856 County Road E, Wauseon, $134,000.

James F. and Donna L. Schueler to Kevin K. and Jessica J. Yeager, 5097 County Road 2, Swanton, $205,000.

Ronald D. Long to Gerald P. and Jennifer L. Busse, 11430 County Road 12, Wauseon, $86,354.

John T. and Lori A. Price to Edward and Nancy Seel, 412 Short-Buehrer Road, Archbold, $183,000.

William L. and Jill R. Hansen to Lance and Amanda M. Sherry, 5521 County Road E, Delta, $217,000.

JMSV Limited to MC Real Estate, LLC, assorted lots off E. Linfoot St. and Old Orchard Drive, Wauseon, $280,000.


Timothy W. Vine, 46, Fayette, tool maker and Melissa D. Trenkamp, 33, Fayette, office worker.

Charles B. Schroeder, 39, Swanton, maintenance technician and Jessica N. Burnworth, 30, Swanton, nanny.

Bradley D. Hayward, 24, Wauseon, military and Tyler M. Conley, 23, Wauseon, server.

Austin J. T. Rosales, 24, Delta, student and Mieke R. Roseman, 22, Swanton, hair stylist.

James E. Derrick, 84, Holland, Ohio, retired and Kathryn M. Witker, 78, Swanton, retired.

Ryan J. Hall, 31, Swanton, assembly worker and Casey L. Michael, 25, Liberty Center, home maker.

Randy D. Fisher, 56, Lyons, warehouse worker and Tammy M. Clymer, 52, Lyons, vocational specialist.

Jesse R. Johnson, 29, Sylvania, supervisor and Mattie A. Patek, Metamora, unemployed.

Nicholas O. Nontell, 27, Archbold, forklift operator and Monica S. Tillman, 22, Archbold, unemployed.

Matthew D. Mason, 27, Delta, self-employed and Danielle L. Boger, 24, Delta, teacher.


Habitat for Humanity, plaintiff vs. Tanya Moehrman et al, defendants, foreclosures.

Tamara Freitag, plaintiff vs. Progressive Specialty, defendant, other torts.

Jody L. Goins, administratrix, plaintiff vs. Harborside Swanton, LLC, professional torts, malpractice.

Rosey E. Frusher, plaintiff vs. Deborah L. Bell, defendant, other torts.

Janice Kowalski, plaintiff vs. Delta 109 Tavern and Eatery, defendant, other civil.

Farmers & Merchants State Bank, plaintiff vs. Clarence D. Whitcomb Jr. et al, defendants, foreclosures.

Leatha Y. Mumert, plaintiff vs. Michael A. Mumert, defendant, termination of marriage without children.

Joy C. Swiczkoski, plaintiff vs. Gregory M. Swiczkoski, defendant, dissolution of marriage without children.

Cody Livensparger, plaintiff vs. Tabitha Livensparger, defendant, dissolution of marriage with children.

Jennifer L. Biggs, plaintiff vs. Brian J. Biggs, defendant, dissolution of marriage with children.

Suzanne M. Caraccio, plaintiff vs. Steven J. Caraccio, defendant, termination of marriage without children.

Robin L. Burke, plaintiff vs. Joseph A. Burke, defendant, termination of marriage with children.

Alaina S. Colon, plaintiff vs. Adam Colon, defendant, domestic violence.