Rupp, Hite win Clinton Twp. Trustee race

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Perry Rupp

Perry Rupp

Ivan Hite

Joe Short

Andrew Brodbeck

Steve Gillespie

Ronald J. Lumbrezer

A mix of incumbents and newcomers were elected to local offices on Tuesday in trustee, school board and council races.

In Clinton Township, incumbent trustee Ivan A. Hite garnered the most votes with 1,040. He will be joined on the board of trustees by Perry L. Rupp, a former county commissioner, who received 806 votes.

Incumbent Leonard Richer had 649 votes and Greg Stutesman had 396.

In German Township, former trustee and county commissioner Joe Short and retired fire chief Andrew Brodbeck will replace incumbent trustees Bruce Lauber and Randy Ruffer. Short had 1,015 votes, Brodbeck 818, Ruffer 745, and Lauber 685. Ruffer and Lauber won outside of the Village of Archbold, but advantages inside the village propelled the challengers to victory.

In Swancreek Township, political newcomer Travis Weigel had the most votes in the township trustee race. Incumbent Rick Kazmierczak was second in the vote total, according to unofficial results, to retain his seat.

Swanton area voters proved to be the difference for the winners. Overall votes were Weigel with 912, Kazmierczak 747, Brian Meyer 697, Kevin Cordle 435, and Bob Stack 157.

In Dover Township, incumbents Kenneth Clark and Stephen Gustwiller won handily. Clark had 313 votes, Gustwiller 293, and challenger Pamela Moore had 100.

The incumbents also won the two seats in Gorham Township as Trevor Hibbard garnered 336 votes, William G. McKinney 275 and Curtis Fether 199.

Incumbents reigned supreme in Royalton Township as well with Steve Gillespie having 261 votes, Ronald J. Lumbrezer 231, John O’Neil 111 and Andrew R. Harris 76.

All of the council races except Archbold Village Council were uncontested. In Archbold, Bradley Short, 828 votes; Vaughn Bentz, 652; and Drew Ginn, 573, were the top three vote getters in the race for three positions. Just behind were A.J. Schroeder with 551 and Stacey J. Heckel with 509.

Delta Village Council had two on the ballot with Ashley Todd receiving 322 votes and Bob Gilbert 309. Write-in candidate Frank Wilton had 22 votes to win a seat on council.

The race for three seats on the Archbold Board of Education went to the three candidates on the ballot, who beat out two write-in candidates, according to the unofficial results.

Phil Nofziger led the way with 1,194 votes, Roel Galvan had 1,152 and Karen E. Beck 1,108. Jackie Wyse had 777 write-in votes and Carrianne Baden had 278 in Fulton County. There were 111 write-in votes in Henry County, which would not be enough for Wyse to catch Beck.

On the Pettisville Board of Education the three seats went to Brent Hoylman with 323 votes, Rick Graber 316, and John King 291. Daniel Dymarkowski had 277 votes.

The Wauseon Board of Education had just Amy Fisher on the ballot and she received 1,452 votes. Write-in candidate Sandra Griggs received 69 votes and Anthony Rick Stidham 52. Those three won seats on the board.

The three seats on the Evergreen Board of Education went to Jason Miller with 1,004 votes, Matt Vaculik with 977, and Donald W. Smith with 855. Others were Ken Kormanyos with 760 and Jeff Pawlaczyk with 685.

Uncontested races

Wauseon Council: Steve Schneider 763, Rick Frey 747, Harold Stickley 685.

Fayette Council: Bryan Stambaugh 181, Rodney Kessler 164, Linda S. Short 162, Chris Meeker 133.

Lyons Council: Arthur J. Call 84, Julie Fenicle 78, Mark Bryson 65.

Metamora Council: Brooke Smith 96, John M. Pupos 92, Justin Kreischer 88, Richard O. Sauerlender.

Swanton Council: Kathy Kreuz 503, Michael Rochelle 439, Paul Dzyak 406, Craig Rose 367.

Amboy Township Trustee: Jeffrey Simon 421, Richard Raab 340.

Chesterfield Township Trustee: Paul D. Holman 149, Jim Stubbins 126.

Franklin Township Trustee: Jack Rupp 122, Robert Keiser 110.

Fulton Township Trustee: Joe E. Gombash 516, Bernard Wanner 327.

Pike Township Trustee: Theodore P. Howard 226, Jack E. Wagner 198.

York Township Trustee: Robert Trowbridge 437, Jeffrey Mazurowski 371.

Fayette Board of Education: Mathew Johnson 383, Terry Kovar 369.

PDY Board of Education: Michael Mattin 894, Michael P. Ford 805.

Swanton Board of Education: Steve Brehmer 1,195, Kristina Oberheim 1,075, Autumn D. Adams 953.

Perry Rupp Rupp

Ivan Hite Hite

Joe Short Short

Andrew Brodbeck Brodbeck

Steve Gillespie Gillespie

Ronald J. Lumbrezer J. Lumbrezer

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