Five vie for Swancreek Trustee

Five men are vying for two positions on the Swancreek Township Board of Trustees.


Education: Associate’s in accounting; bachelor’s in international business.

Marital Status: Married 19 years

Civic Organizations: Delta American Legion; Delta Chamber of Commerce; Boy Scouts, Troop 72, Delta.

1. Why are you running for office? I want to preserve the Township and rural way of life, keep the township township. Having served our country in the Military, I want to continue to do so at the local level.

Edmund Burke made the statement, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.”

2. Why should people vote for you? I owe no allegiance to anyone for anything, have no ax to grind. I’ll be bringing a fresh perspective with no pre-conceived ideas. Bringing business, military, government service experience to the table seeing something things that could and should be done better.

3. What are your two main goals if elected? 1. Be approachable and open to all. Elected officials are CIVIL SERVANTS, and therefore stewards of the taxpayers dollars. Make sure the people’s money is being spent judiciously, getting the biggest bang for the buck. Ensure ALL people are served and treated fairly and equitably.

2. Be Honest! If asked a question, answer honestly, if unsure or can’t answer, say so and get back to them. Don’t give misinformation or lie to the people. If I do speak incorrectly, correct it ASAP and ensure the correct information or answer is given. Use due diligence to ensure the accuracy and truth or what I do say.

4. Have you held office before? Never, but the issues facing the township, the county and beyond are too pressing.


Education: Graduate of Maumee High School; attended BGSU.

Marital Status: Married to Pam.

Civic Organizations: Swanton Rotary, FCHC Board of Directors, Fulton County EMA Executive Committee, Fulton County Visitors Bureau Board Member.

1. Why are you running for office? To continue to build upon the momentum of the past 4 years.

2. Why should people vote for you? Over the past 4 years, due to my leadership, the residents of Swancreek Township have saved thousands of dollars in fringe benefits costs. The Trustees have continued to improve our 46 miles of roads and our cemeteries have never looked better.

3. What are your two main goals if elected? My goals would be to continue the positive momentum with respect to working with our neighbors and continually improving our roads as well as looking at ways to reduce expenditures while maintaining excellent service to our residents.

4. Have you held office before? I am a current Swancreek Township Trustee running for re-election for another 4 year term.


Education: High school graduate

Marital Status: Married 10 years to Bernadette and proud parent of two girls.

Civic Organizations: None at this time.

1. Why are you running for office? Because I care about the community that I live in and want to ensure that we maintain the rural lifestyle that we are accustomed to.

2. Why should people vote for you? Because I am a lifelong resident of Swancreek Township and I would like to represent the citizens of Swancreek Township and help them maintain the lifestyles that they are accustomed to. I also maintain a commercial drivers license and I am able to operate snowplow trucks and any other equipment if the need arises.

3. What are your two main goals if elected? To maintain and improve roadways and drainage and to see that Swancreek Township’s budget stays within its financial means.

4. Have you held office before? No.


Education: GED

Marital Status: Married 50 years

Civic Organizations: Mason (Blue Lodge), served on Ironworkers executive board.

1. Why are you running for office? Tired of the way the township has been managed, both money and services.

2. Why should people vote for you? Will not continue status quo. Will not be a “yes man” and will put township well being above all else.

3. What are your two main goals if elected? Push for openness and “citizens oversight” of administration. Make township business open to residents.

4. Have you held office before? No government elected office. On Ironworkers Board.


Education: 1992 graduate of Swanton High School, attended BGSU and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science.

Marital Status: Married to Susan and proud parents of three kids

Civic Organizations: Charter member of The Swanton Lions Club serving as Club Secretary and Past Treasurer and was recently nominated Melvin Jones Fellow for humanitarian service. Faith Lutheran Church Financial Secretary and member of the Building Committee.

1. Why are you running for office? I’m running to keep the integrity of our Township intact.

2. Why should people vote for you? I feel that because of my business background, and my role as a funeral director serving the needs in and around the community, people can TRUST me to do what is right for the Township in which we all live.

3. What are your two main goals if elected? My first goal is to make a motion to withdraw the lawsuit between Swancreek Township and the Village of Swanton in regards to Swanton Cemetery. We have an obligation to the men, women and children who rest there and the citizens who have loved ones buried there to maintain the grounds with utmost dignity.

My second goal is to sign a long term and fair contract for emergency services with Swanton Fire & Rescue. Our lives and property are the most valuable thing we have and we don’t want to put them in jeopardy. We need emergency services that are dependable, reputable and with quick response time.

4. Have you held office before? I have never run for an elected position. Admittedly, like most people, I never thought I would have the desire to. However, I feel strongly about the issues at hand and I see the writing on the wall and fear the direction this Township is headed.