Police presence increased at PDY schools

Staff Report

An alleged threatening comment from one Delta High School student to another led to increased police presence on Pike-Delta-York school campuses.

On Tuesday evening, the district was made aware of an inappropriate comment, according to a letter from Pike-Delta-York superintendent Ted Haselman.

“While no threat has been made towards any of the schools there will be an increase in police presence on our school campuses,” Haselman said in the letter. “Law enforcement authorities believe with the minor nature of the comment the district can and should remain open.”

On Facebook, the Delta Police Department said, “Parents of the student who made the comment have cooperated fully with the investigation and was determined that no actual threat to the safety of the school was made.”

The post went on to say they want to “assure the community that although there was no threat made against the school or any student, we take every allegation seriously when it involves the safety of our children and the schools.”

Staff Report