Common Pleas Court

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. Heidi E. Bates, Delta, other civil.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. Barry Giordano, Wauseon, other civil.

Jeanne M. Burch, Swanton, vs. Theodore E. Burch, Swanton, termination of marriage with children.

Heather A. Monroe, Delta, vs. Brandy S. Monroe, Swanton, termination of marriage with children.

Richard P. Finley, Swanton, vs. Carole A. Finley, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn., termination of marriage without children.

PNC Bank, Miamisburg, Ohio, vs. Sara Fuller, Archbold, foreclosure.

Pennymac Loan Services LLC, Moorepark, Calif., vs. Stephen A. Klostermeier, Swanton, foreclosure.

Adam M. Colon, Napoleon, vs. Ryan Sexton, Napoleon, other civil.

Western District Court

Tamara L. Shelley, Swanton, speed, $188.

Shawn J. Machacek, Lyons, safety belt, $81.

Samantha Jo Netcher, Wauseon, window tint, $125.

Alicia M. Cramer, Napoleon, speed, $165.

Samantha Cavill, Pioneer, Ohio, speed, $190.

Venkata Pasapula, Perrysburg, speed, 125.

Eric D. Rupp, Archbold, speed, $135.

Janis L. Repp, Fayette, speed, $135.

Kristin N. Beighley, Englewood, Ohio, speed, $125.

Paul A. Bodycombe, Blacklick, Ohio, speed, $125.

Mason H. Ensign, Oregon, Ohio, speed, $125.

Jennifer L. Copeland, Cleveland, speed, $188.

Jeffrey A. Anderson, Kansas, Ohio, safety belt, $81.

Brandon J. Payne, Defiance, speed, $190.

Floyd G. Plank, Wauseon, red light, $190.

Zachary F. Blazey, Swanton, speed, $135.

Michael Jezewski, Stryker, stop sign, $125.

Jacob J. Everts, Toledo, speed, $125.

Guadalupe Nieto, Delta, safety belt, $81.

Matt Turner, Fayette, failure to confine dog, no dog tag, $182 plus costs.

Phillip L. Nygren, Wauseon, operating vehicle while intoxicated, failure to control, $391 plus costs, no violations of law for one year.

Bradley A. Duden, Wauseon, no valid driver’s license, $188.

Jamie K. Smith, Defiance, running red school bus lights, $288.

Larry D. Geiger, Wauseon, disorderly conduct, $164.50 plus costs.

Logan G. Alvarez, Sherwood, Ohio, assured clear distance, $190.

Daniel J. Aguilar, Wauseon, suspended driver’s license, expired registration, $302.

Alexia J. Nye, Wauseon, speed, $238.

Anna M. Gomez, Archbold, reckless operation, marked lanes, expired registration, $366.

Brittany N. Roth, Pettisville, brake equipment, $138.

Jeffrey O. Oestreich, Wauseon, stop sign, possession of drugs, $357, no consumption or possession of illegal drugs for one year, no violations of law for one year.

Thomas J. Neuenschwander, Wauseon, disposal of rubbish in unsanitary manner, $207.

Brian D. Bear, Dearborn, Mich., fictitious plates, $188.

Robin E. Vess, Delta, littering, $238 plus costs.

Charles P. Miller Jr., Morenci, Mich., assault, $178.

Maricella Deeds, Delta, speed, suspended driver’s license, $402.

Jacob D. Valdez, Wauseon, speed, $163.

Grange Mutual Casualty Co., Columbus, vs. Mersades R. Sutton, Wauseon, judgment for $2,821.48.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. Anthony Wilson, Wauseon, judgment for $5,001.55.

Marriage Licenses

Joseph R. Fraker, 35, Swanton, second assistant, and Rayna M. Reynolds, 34, Swanton, strategic purchaser.

Christopher V. Guillen, 33, Wauseon, processing intern, and Carrie B. Pack, 33, Wauseon, retail.

Joshua M. Seedorf, 24, Liberty Center, U.S. Air Force, and Samantha R. Carpenter, 22, Delta, registration specialist.

Shane T. Smith, 26, Wasueon, utility worker, and Autumn D. Bowerman, 23, Wauseon, homemaker.

Casey P. Bresnehan, 50, Delta, carpenter, and Roxann D. Hamilton, 47, Delta, case manager.

Colton O. Walker, 22, Lyons, electrician, and Allison M. Cuff, 22, Fayette, STNA.

Justin M. Rogers, 30, Wauseon, construction, and Sarah B. Staffen, 29, Wauseon, PL marketing.

Real Estate Transfers

Colaz LLC to BAC Real Estate Enterprises LLC, 311 W. Holland St., Archbold, $110,000.

Mid American National Bank and Trust to Thomas S. and Lucille M. Molitierno, 103 W. Spring St., Fayette, $25,500.

Bridget R. Circle and Travis S. Johnson to Kassidy C. Studer and Nicholas A. Raabe, 4062 County Road 6, Delta, $86,500.

Jared and Kylee A. Oyer to Bethany J. Sauder, 313 Madison St., Wauseon, $142,000.

Alan J. Lehenbauer, trustee, to Donald P. Czajka II, 1920 County Road 5-2, Delta, $25,000.

Matthew J. Rohrbacher, trustee, to Grace M. Potter, 201 Washington St., Delta, $25,600.

David E. Blosser, trustee, to James A. and Janalee R. Brown, 501 W. Holland St., Archbold, $135,000.

Floyd K. and Ritney N. Johnson to Melissa S. Vershum, 506 Walnut St., Archbold, $168,000.

Devin P. Mazza to Matthew R. and Courtney A. Kelble, 2161 Simon Ave., Metamora, $92,000.