Common Pleas Court

Shanda S. Sanford, Delta, vs. Russell J. Wadsworth, Swanton, domestic violence.

Wells Fargo Bank, Fort Mill, S.C., vs. Brooke L. Ostrander, Swanton, foreclosure.

Sherwood State Bank, Sherwood, Ohio, vs. Beck Transportation Inc., Archbold, other civil.

Sherwood State Bank, Sherwood, Ohio, vs. BJB Properties, Archbold, other civil.

Sherwood State Bank, Sherwood, Ohio, vs. Beck Leasing Ltd., Archbold, other civil.

Fawn Schaffner, Fayette, vs. Mark Schaffner, Fayette, dissolution of marriage without children.

Janelle Dunnett, Fayette, vs. Robert Dunnett, Fayette, termination of marriage with children.

Lynn Hardison, Swanton, vs. Nicholas L. Grabowsky, Delta, other civil.

Capital One Bank, Columbus, vs. Leticia Hatt, Wauseon, other civil.

Capital One Bank, Columbus, vs. Justin M. Wyse, Wauseon, other civil.

Timothy H. Smith, Swanton, vs. Debra A. Smith, Findlay, termination of marriage without children.

Melissa Martin, Fayette, vs. Timothy Martin, Sharonville, Ohio, termination of marriage with children.

Amanda K. Amos, Morenci, Mich., vs. Gregory A. Amos, Fayette, non-support of dependents.

Sondra K. Smith, Morenci, Mich., vs. Jason J. Borton, Fayette, non-support of dependents.

Western District Court

Samantha L. Wyse, Archbold, speed, $135.

Samara K. Bennen, Napoleon, speed, $135.

Mason A. Hill, Liberty Center, speed, $190.

Erica R. Haskell, Toledo, expired registration, $125.

Joan C. Connolly, Bryan, speed, $190.

Robert H. Wunderlin, Toledo, speed, $135.

Jessica L. Burgermeister, Lyons, $135.

Mandy L. Eberly, Fayette, window tint, $125.

Tyler A. Rufenacht, Archbold, safety belt, $81.

Brent A. Hartsworm, Monclova, Ohio, safety belt, $81.

Helen E. Anderson, Sylvania, speed,$125.

Candace L. Stickley, Wauseon, speed, $125.

Jason A. Pettit, West Unity, stop sign, $125.

Juan Jose Bueno, Wauseon, speed, $188.

Kimberly R. Long, Archbold, speed, $135.

Matea R. DeLeon, Lyons, speed, $135.

Cory K. Casey, Archbold, safety belt, $125.

Madeline E. Baas, Toledo, speed,$125.

Kyle L. Pettit, Montpelier, stop sign, $125.

Rachel R. Pritchard, Napoleon, speed, $188.

Teresa J. Lawhun, Toledo, speed,$125.

Malcolm J. Mayfield, Wauseon, speed, $238.

Donald L. Hayati, Wauseon,speed, $135.

Thomas M. Ramsey, Findlay, speed,$135.

Irene Ailiff, Lyons, speed, $135.

Nancy Weaver, Montpelier, speed, $135.

Brittany D. Parsons, Napoleon, safety belt, $81.

Saron Rivera, New Carlisle, Ohio, speed, $125.

Larry T. Michel, Perrysburg, speed, $125.

Jan R. Roth, Montpelier, speed, $135.

Benjamin Jensen, Fayette, speed, $188.

Bryan O’Neill Blasar, Wauseon, speed, $188.

Elizabeth G. Cruz, Toledo, speed, $125.

Jon Ordway, Archbold, stop sign, $190.

Mary J. Venegas, Fayette, reckless operation, $125.

Tayla R. Hamilton, Wauseon, speed, $125.

Susan R. Gerig, Archbold, failure to confine dog, $128.

Pedro P. Recinos, Wauseon, no driver’s license, failure to yield, $439, no violations of law for two years.

Taylor Curry, Fayette, no driver’s license on person,$125.

Dustin M. Zeigler, Wauseon, failure to confine dog, $139.

Jessica Martin, Fayette, failure to register, confine dog, no dog tag, $336.

Stephanie E. Kehle, Delta, intoxication, noise, $178 plus costs.

Peter Khamutouski, Plymouth, Minn., driving on closed road, $125.

Thomas L. Bennett, Delta, suspended driver’s license, possession of drug paraphernalia, $441 plus costs, no violations of law for one year.

Andrew W. Smith, Wauseon, expired registration, $163.

Jack W. New, Fayette, theft, $281 plus costs, $35 restitution, no violations of law for two years.

Isaac J. Lerma, Archbold, theft, $209 plus costs, 90 days jail.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. Deryle D. Stiriz, Wauseon, judgment for $2,797.58.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. James D. and Lindsay A. Miller, Wauseon, judgment for $3,642.91

Pondview Veterinary Clinic, Archbold, vs. Isaac R. Griteman, Wauseon, and Amanda Romero, Wauseon, judgment for $749.40.

State Bank and Trust Co., Defiance, vs. Denise M. Allen, Wauseon, judgment for $407.23.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. Martin Coressel, Archbold, judgment for $1,289.34.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. Johnathan R. Casebere, Hudson, Mich., judgment for $324.95.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. Russell A. Kelley, Archbold, judgment for $578.05.

Eicher Repair Center, Inc., Archbold, vs. Ben Dimock, Defiance, judgment for $217.32.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. Hernen Flores, Wauseon, and Caren Lopez, Wauseon, judgment for $728.51.

Wauseon House Co. LLC, Wauseon, vs. Vanessa J. Alvarez, Wauseon, and Jonathan Wheating, Wauseon, judgment for $1,247.48.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. Jason A. and Demaris M. Jones, Archbold, judgment for $1321.54.

Skates Apartments I, Wauseon, vs. Brian Cody Collar, Sandcreek, Mich., and Kierra Waltz, Sand Creek, Mich., $1,292.80.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. Andrea Girrell, Bryan, judgment for $350.

Northern Anesthesia Providers, Archbold, vs. Mario G. and Chelsea M. Perez, Wauseon, judgment, $579.

Marriage Licenses

Cody J. Kujawski, 25, Lyons, equipment operator, and Haley M. Daggett, 30, Toledo, teacher.

Bobby D. Black Jr., 51, Morenci, Mich., self-employed, and Amanda Lo-Sher Webb, 28, Morenci, Mich., unemployed.

David R. Chapa, 43, Archbold, cook, and Karey E. Austin, 44, Archbold, laborer.

Joseph A. Siefker, 24, Jasper, Mich., ag mechanic, and Emily R. Jue, 20, Jasper, Mich., behavioral technician.

James R. Elliott, 26, Swanton, self-employed, and Jodi M. Thompson, 24, Swanton, self-employed.

Jarred A. Campbell, 39, Wauseon, maintenance, and Fawn E. Desgrange, 28, Wauseon, meat packager.

Adrian Gonzalez Jr., 23, Hamilton, Ohio, construction, and Margarita Gonzalez, 24, Wauseon, unemployed.

David L. Litchfield, 57, Alvordton, Ohio, truck driver, and Sandra L. Force, 58, Wauseon, department manager.

Nolan N. Oberla, 25, Wauseon, quality technician, and Ashlely L. Huntzinger, 24, Wauseon, project leader.

Jason D. Salay, 36, Delta, parts advisor, and Ally K. Hogrefe, 32, Delta, occupational therapy.

Jonathon H. Hageman, 29, Archbold, fabricator, and Ashley J. Allen, 24, Archbold, restaurant.

Real Estate Transfers

Clifford C. and Pamela A. Macklin to Jeffrey L. and Ashley R. Weis, County Road B, Wauseon, $30,000.

Fred M. Jr. and Janet E. Figy to Kent S. and Teresa M. Cassaubon, 511 W. Chestnut Court, Wauseon, $144,900.

Spirit SPE Portfolio 2006-3LLC to R&P Investments Inc., 2015 S. Defiance St., Archbold, $364,100.

Judy D. Kramer to U.S. Bank and Trust, trustee, 605 N. Fayette St., Fayette, $37,000.

Robert and Roger Investments Ltd. to Darin and Tasha Seiler, 305 Quail Run, Archbold, $36,000.

Gregory L. VanGunten, successor trustee, to Tracy A. Ebraheim, trustee, 6555 County Road 2, Swanton, County Road D, Swanton, $1,895,800.

Betty I. Hoffman to Jeremy J. Goertz, 101 Rosewood Court, Archbold, $112,500.

Cross Roads Investments LLC to Jody L. Schlender, 509 S. Main St., Swanton, $83,000.

Jon A. Leatherman to Darren M. and Kara J. Estelle, 2155 County Road 9, Delta, $230,000.

Dennis P. and Clara S. Bergfeld to Jerald L. McComb, 1341 N. Haven Lane, Wauseon, $105,000.

Andrea R. Wallace to Andrea R. Edwards, 13830 County Road 11-2, Lyons, $10.

Janet K. Scott to Sarah C. Plassman, 304 Brussell St., Archbold, $114,900.

Jenna C. and Matthew Fitch to Abigail Kehres and Aaron J. Mahnke, 444 Cedar St., Wauseon, $124,000.

Mark J. and Janet S. Lair to Stephen Arthur Edward Heaven and Pandora C. Rose, 6115 N. Winding Way, Swanton, $295,000.