Courthouse News


Midland Funding LLC, plaintiff vs. Aaron Miller, defendant, other civil.

State of Ohio, Department of, plaintiff vs. Ronald Dewey, defendant, other civil.

Midland Funding LLC, plaintiff vs. Michael D. Kelly, defendant, other civil.

Kristina E. Contreras, plaintiff vs. Martin Contreras, defendant, termination of marriage without children.

American Express Centurion, plaintiff vs. Francette Thourot, defendant, other civil.

Jeffrey Lederman, plaintiff vs. Jodi Lederman, defendant, dissolution of marriage without children.

Farmers & Merchants State Bank, plaintiff vs. Landy Rodas, defendant, foreclosures.

Lynn D Hardison, plaintiff vs. Nicholas L. Garbowsky, defendant, domestic violence.

First Federal Bank of Midwest, plaintiff vs. Steven A. Waxler, defendant, foreclosures.


Brandon E. Watchman, 27, Wauseon, satellite technician, and Erin K. Smith, 28, Wauseon, student.

Ivan E. Lopez, 29, Wauseon, factory and Amanda C. Pabon, 29, Wauseon, beautician.

Aaron J. Bernath, 22, Wauseon, farmer and Kaitlyn A. Huner, 23, Wauseon, legal assistant.



Claudia M. and Gandara and C. Johnson to Wells Fargo Bank National Association, 236 Birch St., Wauseon, $23,334.

Stanley W. and Terri L. Philpot to Richard S. Simon, 92 W. Dodge St., Swanton, $10,000.

Donald L. and Sandra M. Mercer to Allen and Erin Wagler, 243 Monroe St., Wauseon, $34,428.

Allen and Erin Wagler to Dolores G. Timmons and Albert J. McKiddie, 243 Monroe St., Wauseon, $69,000.

Charles L. Long to Wauseon House Company, 424 Cedar St., Wauseon, $12,750.

Jeffrey L. Truckor, trustee, to Zachary A. Jr. and Robbie Ziviski, 1852 County Road U, Metamora, $116,000.

Katy L. Allion to David L. and Deborah L. Myers and Mel Gilders, 706 Maplewood Ave., Delta $50,000.