Lifes Lessons

A lesson from the animals

We have animals that share our living space – in fact, our very lives. In this case, they are Socks, my roommate’s cat, and of course, Kelly, my trained therapy dog. They are best friends, frequently nuzzling each other.

They depend on us for love and caring, food, shelter, and medical needs as they arise.

But what do they contribute to the betterment of our lives? After all, they are just simply there, aren’t they? Well, no. As I said, they share our lives.

During this past week, I, who never get sick, was sick! It wasn’t the flu, but a condition which did take away my appetite and laid me low. I remember being sick other times and didn’t like it. You know what? I still don’t like it. Nonetheless, that was the status of things at my house.

I spent a lot of time totally laid back and covered up in my recliner, either reading or not.

After about a day of that, I noticed Kelly was acting differently. She wanted to go outside from time to time but was soon back on the porch asking to come back in. In the house, instead of curling up on her bed in the bedroom as she usually does, she spent a lot more time in the living room.

She frequently stared right into my eyes or laid on or at my feet. She simply knew something was wrong with her Significant Other.

After about a day of my limited activity, Socks gave up his favorite spot on my roommate’s lap and spent considerable time on my lap instead.

It was as though they were saying, “I don’t know what’s wrong, but I want to help.”

Now, I’m feeling a bit more normal, and Socks has returned to his favorite lap – not mine. Kelly, however, is still sticking pretty close. I guess she wants to be sure I’m okay.

Their sense of being needed, of trying to help, has been a real comfort.

I’m reminded of what our presence and concern means to other people when we take the time to respond to their needs. Even if our very presence is all we have to offer, it makes a difference.

This is living out our testimony for Jesus Christ, who not only saved us but wants to woo our friends, neighbors, family, and those unknown to us to His saving grace.

Take a lesson from Socks and Kelly. Just be there for others and let that speak of your Christian love and caring.

A lesson from the animals