Fulton County 4-H pre-fair judging results announced

The Fulton County 4-H Program has announced the following pre-fair judging results. They are as follows:

HM= Honorable Mention.

CW= County Winner.

SFR= State Fair Representative.

Accessories for Teens – Mallorie Strauss, SFR, CW

Alcohol and Drug Abuse – Kayla Miller, SFR, CW; Elijah Eberly, HM

Archery – Shooting Sports, Jr. – Andrew Gillen, SFR, CW; Luke Borton, CW; Jack Borton, HM; Zeke Borton, HM

Archery – Shooting Sports, Sr. – Hannah May Borton, SFR, CW

Arcs & Sparks – Laurel Garbers, SFR, CW; Eli Warncke

ATV Safety – Ethan Hagans, CW; Trent Sauber, HM

Basic Archery – Kelissa James, SFR, CW; Dylan Stricker, CW; Camden Schlueter, HM; Margaret Clinton, HM

Basic Beekeeping – Brayden Monahan, SFR, CW

Becoming Money Wise – Austin Hill, CW; Samantha Stein, HM

Beyond the Grill – Alayna Jones, CW

Bicycling for Fun, Jr. – Mason Muhlenkamp, CW

Cake Decorating, Jr. Beginner – Ashlyn Lugbill, SFR, CW; Brooklyn Rodriguez, CW;

Allena Crossgrove, CW

Cake Decorating, Sr. Advanced – Allianna Hite, SFR, CW

Cavy Project – Breanna Huffman, SFR, CW

Clothes for Middle School – Mollie Newcomb, SFR, CW

Companion Animal Self Determined – Cassandra Lee, SFR, CW

Crank it Up – Luke Borton, CW

Dog Obedience – Emerson Hutchinson, CW; Ruby Monahan, CW; Laurel Garbers, CW; Elizabeth Mignin, CW

Dog Performance – Sophie Dimick, HM

Dress-up Outfit – Emily Hill, CW

Electric Radio-Controlled Vehicles – Laurel Garbers, CW

Entering Electronics – Carisa Hoffman, SFR, CW; Conner Johnson, HM

Exploring Ponds – Jordan Skates, SFR, CW

Exploring the Outdoors – Samuel Cox, CW

Family History Treasure Hunt, 2nd Year – Nancy Kelb, SFR, CW; Rayna Schmidt, CW

Fast Break for Breakfast – Jack Borton, SFR, CW

Finishing Up – Jayce Helminiak, SFR, CW

First Aid in Action – Ava Case, CW

Fishing for the Intermediate – Jaden Hinz, CW; Levi Short, HM

Focus on Photo Level 1 – Emma Stutesman, SFR, CW; Addyson Gamber, HM

Fun with Clothes – Allena Crossgrove, SFR, CW; Mia Hohl, HM

Get Started in Art, Jr. –Zeke Borton, SFR, CW; Kennedy Comstock, HM

Get Started in Art, Sr. – Alyssa Russell, SFR, CW

Grow Your Own Vegetables – Walter Hallett IV, SFR, CW; Brock Sniegowski, CW; Alivia Eisel, HM

How Does Your Garden Grow – Jessica French, SFR, CW; Alivia Eisel, HM; Anneka Wesche, HM

Investigating Electricity – Trey Theobald, SFR, CW; Kurt Krueger, HM

Keeping Fit – Hannah May Borton, SFR, CW; Heidi Fritsch, CW

Lawn Care – Bryce Bettinger, CW; Michael Wyrostek

Leadership Self Determined – Morgan Miller, SFR, CW

Let’s Bake Quick Breads – Elizabeth Theobald, SFR, CW

Let’s Start Cooking – Allie Herman, SFR, CW; Lily Reynolds, HM

Look Great for Less – Madison Strauss, SFR, CW; Jenna Stanton, HM

Magic of Electricity – Estella Hilyard, SFR, CW; Kurt Krueger, HM

Make Over My Space, Sr. – Nichole Wilson, SFR, CW; Cassandra Lee, HM

Making the Cut, Jr. – Jesse Rittichier, SFR, CW

Making the Cut, Sr. – Angela Garbers, SFR, CW

Measuring Up, Jr. – Landon O’Dell, SFR, CW; Noah Smeltzer, CW; Madison Mckenzie, HM

Measuring Up, Sr. – Nicholas Pelland, SFR, CW

Muzzle Loading – Shooting Sports – Jessica Mitchell, SFR, CW

Nailing it Together – Chet Meyer, SFR, CW; Hunter Knapp, HM

Natural Resource Self Determined – Carsyn Hagans, SFR, CW

Not Just Knots – Landon Graffice, SFR, CW; Natalie Seibert, HM

Ohio Birds – Levi Cox, CW; Tara Crossgrove, HM

Party Planner – Kendall Wyse, SFR, CW

Pistol – Shooting Sports – Catherine Snyder, SFR, CW

Pocket Pets – Allison Kretz, HM

Quilting the Best Better – Catherine Snyder, HM

Quilting Self Determined – Sophia Meyer, SFR, CW

Racing the Clock to Awesome Meals – Rachel Short, SFR, CW

Reptiles & Amphibians – Elizabeth Baker, SFR, CW

Rifle – Shooting Sports, Jr. – Morgan Kohler, SFR, CW

Rifle – Shooting Sports, Sr. – Jacob Snyder, SFR, CW

Robotics 1 – Connor Sintobin, CW

Robotics 2 – Nathan Michalek, CW

Rockets Away- 2 liter bottle – Collin Sintobin, CW

Rockets- Estes Type – Mark Snyder, SFR, CW; Jacob Snyder, CW; Connor Sintobin, HM; Derek Stanton, HM

Safe Use of Guns – Macie Rochelle, SFR, CW; Ashton Sayers, HM

Science Fun with Flight – Cayden Jacoby, SFR, CW

Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry – Kassidy Zientek, SFR, CW

Science Fun with Physics – Luke Reinhard, SFR, CW

Scrapbooking, Jr. – Jolie Huffman, SFR, CW; Mylee Rochelle, SFR, CW; Mindy O’Neill, HM

Scrapbooking, Sr. – Lauren Smith, SFR, CW; Justin Strang, SFR, CW; Ashley Garlick, HM

Self-Determined, Jr. – Aengus McIlwain, SFR, CW; Andrew Gillen, HM; Walter Horoszowski, HM; Arika Zeiter, HM

Self-Determined, Sr. – Luke Cross, SFR, CW

Sew Fun – Kelsie Storrs, SFR, CW; Zorah Seifker, HM

Sew for Others – Felicity Strang, CW

Snack Attack – Avery Monahan, SFR, CW

Sports Nutrition 1, Jr. – Gracie Stough, SFR, CW; Kaden Sanford, HM

Sports Nutrition 1, Sr. – Madison DeSantos, SFR, CW

Sports Nutrition 2 – Hannah May Borton, SFR, CW

Star Spangled Foods – Lauren Shumaker, SFR, CW

Sundresses and Jumpers – Demi Storrs, SFR, CW; Arika Zeiter, HM

Teens on Board – Connor Hagans, SFR, CW

The Laundry Project – Madeleine Johnston SFR, CW

Teaming With Insects – Jack Borton, SFR, CW

Trapping Muskrats – Mason Luttrell, CW

Tractors – Anthony Pelton, CW

Vet 1 – Katie Stoner, SFR, CW; Sophia Sterken, HM

Vet 2 – JoBeth Daniels, SFR, CW; Alexander Brown, HM

Vet 3 – Isabella Ruiz, SFR, CW

Warm It Up – Anthony Pelton, CW

Wheels in Motion – Luke Borton, CW

Yeast Breads on the Rise – Leah Cole, SFR, CW

Young Engineers in Solar Energy – Claire Hutchinson, CW

You Can Quilt, Jr. – Stella Clark, SFR, CW; Carson LeRoux, HM

You Can Quilt, Sr. – Hannah May Borton, SFR, CW

You’re the Athlete– Alexandria Gillen, SFR, CW; Izabella White, HM

You’re the Chef – Mary Miller, SFR, CW

Outstanding Photography Project – Emma Stutesman

Outstanding Woodworking Project – Chet Meyer



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