Common Pleas Court

Brittany L. Woodruff, Wauseon, vs. Michael J. Woodruff, Wauseon, dissolution of marriage with children.

Capital One Bank, Columbus, vs. Carol Hartman, Wauseon, other civil.

KeyBank National Association, Cleveland, vs. Michael L. Ross, Swanton, foreclosure.

Howard E. Myers Jr., Toledo, vs. Becky L. Myers, Swanton, termination of marriage without children.

Pamela S. Hammontree, Wauseon, vs. David L. Hammontree, Wauseon, other civil.

Cole Landon, Alvordton, Ohio, vs. Jennifer Landon, Fayette, dissolution of marriage with children.

Jason Montgomery, Swanton, vs. Jason Rutledge, Swanton, other civil.

Ditech Financial LLC, Tempe, Ariz., vs. Douglas Bloomer, Delta, foreclosure.

Western District Court

Thomas M. Bechstein, Delta, failure to control, $190.

Gregory J. Kolpien, Wauseon, expired plates, $125.

Mark L. Pennington, Morenci, Mich., speed, $125.

Ashlee N. Johnson, Wauseon, expired plates, $125.

Sarah Randall, Defiance, expired registration, $125.

Brodie P. Nofziger, Archbold, speed, $135.

Brenda J. McDonald, Toledo, speed, $135.

Mackenzie Jo Meyer, Napoleon, right of way, $190.

Emilee M. Sprague, Wauseon, speed, $190.

Zachary J. Dotson, Lyons, failure to stop at stop sign, $125.

Terren S. Leake, Fremont, Ohio, speed, $125.

Dylon C. Jones, Archbold, speed, $125.

Caleb P. Pelz, Bryan, speed, $125.

Elizabeth L. Cline, Waterville, speed, $125.

Eric J. Parker, Wauseon, display of license plates, $125.

Carl W. Ruckel, Liberty Center, safety belt, $81.

Michael Perlatti, Wauseon, expired registration, $125.

Myrna J. Purdy, Fayette, speed, $135.

Dara D. Lavinder, Fayette, speed, $125.

Mitchell Baird, Wauseon, disturbing the peace, $155.

David R. Highwarden, Paulding, Ohio, speed, $125.

Maranda S. Morrin, Liberty Center, suspended driver’s license, $138, clear license in 180 days, no violations of law until Feb. 1, 2019.

Jessie L. Delagarza, Adrian, Mich., failure to control, $125.

Dan T. Davis-Johnson Jr., Defiance, suspended driver’s license, $138, no violations of law until Feb. 1, 2019.

David D. Waue, Montpelier, reasonable control, $125.

Taylor E. Desgrange, Wauseon, criminal mischief,$204, mental health assessment and recommended aftercare, one year reportable probation, 100 hours community service, no violations of law until Feb. 1, 2019.

Jerry E. Grzymkowski, Perrysburg, Ohio, suspended driver’s license, $313, 30 hours community service, no violations of law until Feb. 1, 2019.

Heidi L. Morgan, Wauseon, railroad crossing, $88.

Parry O. Shetler, Monroe, Mich., no driver’s license, $238, no violations of law until Feb. 1, 2019.

Zachary D. Lane, Stryker, no deer permit, $178, no violations of law until Feb. 1, 2019.

Thomas M. Flathers, Wauseon, speed, $135.

Jordanne M. Baumgartner, Wauseon, speed, $165.

Alyssa L. Smith, Perrysburg, Ohio, suspended driver’s license, $238, no violations of law until Feb. 1, 2019.

Adam L. Gilson, Napoleon, reckless operation, $277 plus costs, eight days jail, no violations of law until Feb. 1, 2022.

Citibank NA, Sioux Falls S.D., vs. Kallie R. Gensler, Archbold, judgment for $6,412.57.

Fulton County Health Center, Defiance, vs. Robin R. Wanless, Wauseon, judgment for $1,585.86.

Community Hospital & Wellness Center, Bryan, vs. Jeremiah Garcia, Archbold, judgment for $532.30.

Ally Financial Inc., Columbus, vs. Gary Rosales, Archbold, judgment for $5,949.37.

Marriage Licenses

Justin A. Pursel, 22, Wauseon, street maintenance, and Kelsey L. Weirauch, 22, Wauseon, nurse.

Real Estate Transfers

Robert A. Isaksen, trustee, to Cheryl C. O’Neill, 723 Third St., Wauseon, $59,000.

Robert and Carolyn Sellers to Brandon P. Bressler, 2913 County Road H, Swanton, $176,000.

Dorthy J. Mowery to Valentine Farms LLC, State Highway 120, Lyons, $12,000.

Larry G. and Neva L. Warncke, trustees, to Anthony E. and April J. Stidham, Neva Drive, Wauseon, $11,500.

21st Mortgage Corporation to Maria M. Rinna Reinhart, 200 Walnut St., Fayette, $9,900.

Karen V. Raths to Juan J. Jr. and Sarah M. Zamora, 230 Grant St., Wauseon, $99,251.

Charles C. Whitmore to Eli M. Wright, 247 Madison St., Wauseon, $82,500.

Harold D. Cowden Jr. to U.S. Bank Trust, 108 West St., Swanton, $66,500.

R & R Investments Partnership to Todd B. and Stacy L. Guelde, 405 Primrose Lane, Archbold, $21,000.

Judith L. Wolf, successor trustee, to Diane L. Maloney Preston, 701 Burr Road, Wauseon, $100,000.