Sauder Village holds ‘Frozen in Time’

Staff report

Ice carving will be one of many activities during “Frozen in Time” at Sauder Village on Saturday, Feb. 17.

Visit Sauder Village to celebrate the beauty of winter during the “Frozen in Time” Festival on Saturday, Feb. 17.

Take a nature walk, meet some farm friends, dip candles, take a trolley ride, and watch ice carving demonstrations. Meet Princess Ana and Kristov, and enjoy indoor activities like playing with old-fashioned toys, making a nature-themed craft, and learning about ice harvesting.

From 1-5 p.m., families will gather in the Village to experience winter on the farm with a combination of historic and modern activities. There will be a winter nature walk to Natives and Newcomers, and bird feeders for kids to make in the Trading Post. Guests can meet some farm friends in the Grime Barn, then warm up in the 1920 Grime Homestead while enjoying popcorn and playing parlor games like Go Fish, Old Maid, and checkers. There will also be old-time toys to play with, like Lincoln Logs, floor puzzles, and a Spirograph.

Throughout the afternoon, guests can board the trolley to take a ride around the Village. A highlight of the afternoon will be ice carving demonstrations presented by Ice Creations, a family-owned company in Napoleon owned by Chad and Mancey Hartson. Chad’s team will be at Sauder Village to do two carvings throughout the afternoon. Princess Ana and Kristov will be presented by Laurel’s Princess Parties, LLC. Children can gather in the District 16 School to enjoy special music, color pictures, and have their picture taken with Princess Ana and Kristov.

The Museum Building will have historic ice harvesting equipment on display, along with a short ice harvesting video. Guests can also learn about the history of maple syrup making and dip a candle to take home while learning about the history of lighting. A variety of other winter-themed activities are planned throughout the day including making Insta-Snow, Snow Slime, and target practice with snowballs. In the Welcome Center, there will be special “Craft Saturday” weaving activities for guests to try.

“We’re really looking forward to celebrating winter on the farm with our Frozen in Time event,” said Kim Krieger, media relations. “While we are hoping for some snow and cold weather this year – the event will take place even without snow, the activities will just be changed a bit.”

The Sauder Village Gift Shop and Threads of Tradition Quilt Shop will be open and Heritage Shop volunteers will have hot cocoa available for sale.

Admission to the Frozen in Time Festival is $13 for adults; $11 for Sauder Village member adults; $7 for students; $6 for Sauder Village member students; and children three and under are free. To receive $1.00 off admission visit

Ice carving will be one of many activities during “Frozen in Time” at Sauder Village on Saturday, Feb. 17. carving will be one of many activities during “Frozen in Time” at Sauder Village on Saturday, Feb. 17.

Staff report